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  • Microgaming To Release New Slot Based On Bridesmaids Movie

Microgaming To Release New Slot Based On Bridesmaids Movie

The Isle of Man based game developer Microgaming has announced that they have signed a licensing deal with Universal Studios, which will see them develop and release a new slot title based on the 2011 comedy movie Bridesmaids.

Nominated for two Academy Awards and three BAFTA Awards, Bridesmaids was somewhat of a surprise hit when it was first released.

The movie featured themes that were up until that time usually the domain of male focused comedies, such as bizarre scenarios and gross out comedy, and it is for this innovation that it is remembered for, as well as actually containing some decent comedy writing.

Just like the film, this new slot will most likely be aimed at a female audience, though if the mechanics of the game are strong enough that shouldn’t detract too many male gamers.

The New Bridesmaids Slot

With a release date pencilled in for August 2015, details of the exact nature of the new slot are understandably a little thin on the ground, but we will share with you what we do know, and speculate on a few possibilities.

The new bridesmaids slot will be a 5 reel video slot which will offer its players the choice to partake in multiple Bonus Games through game play, and it will be released for both desktop and mobile platforms at the same time.

From here on we are speculating, but based on past history, all of the main characters from the movie will feature in the game, along with short clips, stills and sound bites from the film.

Microgaming And Licensed Slots

This of course will not be the first foray into licensed slots by Microgaming.

The development company already has a number of licenses slots to its name, including Battlestar Galactica, Jurassic Park and Terminator 2.

Indeed licensed games have now become a staple of the online slots world, and just recently we received the news that Net Entertainment will be releasing a slot based on one of the biggest rock and roll bands of all time, Guns N’ Roses.