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Mobile Gaming On The Up In The UK

International mobile use analytical specialist App Annie, who specialises in the use of mobile phones and its technologies, has just released their latest report focusing on the UK market, and it contains some very interest numbers which will be of interest to mobile game software developers and their providers.

The newly released numbers point to a sector of the gaming industry that is very much on the up; news that will no doubt bring a smile to all those that are involved.

UK Market Report

App Annie’s latest report features a number of very interesting observations which we shall report on here.

Across the various types of gaming apps available on mobile formats, revenue increases were recorded for card, casino and dice games.

A 55% increase in spending on mobile casino games which are played on Apple’s iOS platform was recorded for the year long period between November 2013 and November 2014.

The report also goes on to forecast that the worldwide online gambling industry would exceed revenue of $100 billion by the year 2017.

To provide a starting point for this prediction, the revenue totals for console and mobile gaming for 2014 are estimated to be a figure of $76 billion.

Mobile Gaming Do Its Bit For Games Operators

It would seem that not only is mobile gaming here to stay, it has become a very important part of the success for game operators.

This is partly because of the reach of mobile apps, which can influence and attain new customers which game operators might not have been able to gain access to before.

With new customers arriving via mobile apps, comes an increase of new gamers to game providers’ other traditional platforms and products.

UK Mobile Gaming

The United Kingdom has turned out to be a great environment for mobile gaming apps – for both their developers and operators.

As UK regulation permits real money gambling through these apps, developers and operators can first test out their products in this market place to assess their viability.

They are able to establish revenue streams and test profitability, which then affords operators and developers some certainty before taking these products to a wider worldwide market place.