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Net Entertainment – 2014 4th Quarter And Full Year Review

Online game developer and provider powerhouse Net Entertainment has just released their 4th Quarter and 2014 financial figures.

Those in the know would already have surmised that the figures were going to be positive for NetEnt, who have had an excellent year with their game development and releases, and these figures just released back up those previously held assumptions.

Net Entertainment 4th Quarter

Here is a summary of some of NetEnt’s key figures for the 4th Quarter of 2014:

Revenues increased by 33.8% to 241.1 million SEK

Operating profit of 80.3 million SEK

Profit after tax of 77.1 million SEK

And here are some of NetEnt’s key achievements for the 4th Quarter:

10 new license agreements signed

6 new customer casinos launched

First ever online slot developed using HTML5 technology for both desktop and mobile platforms – The Invisible Man.

The use of HTML5 for the first time by NetEnt might signal their move away from Flash technology which they have previously used to develop games with.

Net Entertainment 2014

And with the 4th Quarter figures in for NetEnt, we can now view how they performed financially for the calendar year of 2014:

Revenues increased for one full year by 35% to 851.7 million SEK

Operating profit of 261.7 million SEK

Profit after tax of 243.2 million SEK

Looking back over 2014, here are a couple of NetEnt’s major achievements:

23 new games for the desktop platform

13 new game of the mobile platform

21.4 billion transactions

Multiple award winner and industry recognition at the eGaming Review Awards, Global
Gaming Awards and International Gaming Awards.

And Now A Word From Net Entertainment…

Net Entertainment’s Chief Executive Officer, Per Eriksson, has released a statement on behalf of the company to accompany this latest release of financial and gaming figures.

In this statement, Mr Eriksson noted that cash flow, operating profit, revenue and revenue growth, and proposed transfers to shareholders has all reached new record highs in 2014.

As for the future, Mr Eriksson has indicated that NetEnt are preparing to enter into the gaming markets of North America and Spain in the coming months, and are also considering their options for entering other regional gaming markets.