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  • Net Entertainment Releases Video Preview For New Slot

Net Entertainment Releases Video Preview For New Slot

Today’s news kicks off with the appearance of a video trailer online for a new slot which is due for a release by Net Entertainment titled Spinate Grande.

We first reported the impending release of Spinate Grande a month ago, and today’s appearance of an online trailer for the game confirms that the game will be hitting our gaming screens soon, with March 23 being pencilled as the date most likely at the moment.

The game features a Mexican theme, and we have included the online video preview here for you viewing pleasure:

Spinate Grande

The folks at Net Ent have got a little creative with the title of this slot, as the word Spinate appears to be a merging of two words – Spin and Pinate- and both elements loom large within this game.

Set in a small Mexican town, which is permanently in party mode, a general feeling of festivity fills the air, and a light hearted, fun filled soundtrack is in support along with the occasional trumpet fanfare.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the game is that Net Ent has partly recreated the presentation of the symbols on the reels.

Whereas the standard for slots is to have one symbol per slot position, Spinate Grande sometimes mergers 4 or even 9 slot symbols into one whole, grande (large) symbol, which is not only eye catching, but also quite innovative.

There is also a mini slot game built into the game which is initially represented by a large symbol which covers 9 of the games 20 slot positions.

When this symbol first appears on the reels, a large bat swings from the side of screen to break it open and reveal 9 slots within, which has the effect of playing a game within a game.

Success at this game sends coins flying into the air and into your bank account, and the arrival of some brazen brass instruments is welcome to join in with the celebratory feeling.

Additional elements in the game include Free Spins and Wilds, which are interwoven throughout various phases of the game.