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  • Odobo and Games Company Continue Partnership With Two New Slots Titles

Odobo and Games Company Continue Partnership With Two New Slots Titles

The on-going partnership between the Gibraltar based games distributor Odobo and London based game developer The Games Company continues to be a productive one, and the team have paired up again to release two new titles that will be available to gamers around the world.

The two new titles, KGB Bears and Light Racer, see The Games Company utilising HTML5 technology to produce two games with completely different themes.

KGB Bears

KGB Bears features a cold war/spy theme with communist era imagery and the amusing site of a number of bears dressed in classic Moscow Winter weather outfits.

The game is played across 5 reels and the player has the option to play up to 50 paylines, with the amount bet per spin able to be adjusted, and there are a number of animations associated with the game along the way to help keep the player entertained.

There are Free Spins and Wilds featured throughout the game, and players have the chance to win extra free spins and enact a multiplier feature.

Light Racers

Light Racers features a more futuristic them, akin to something out of the Tron series of movies. There is a lot of neon present in the background and symbols, and the design is quite slick and minimalistic.

This game has very similar gameplay to KBG Bears in that it is also a 5 reel machine with 50 paylines playable, contains a variable bet amount per game and features animated storylines related to the game for the player to enjoy.

There are also Free Spins and Wilds present in this game, as well as bonus free spins and a multiplier feature.

Both games are available for distribution now and can be played on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.