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  • Playtech And Scientific Team Up For Bingo Re-Make Of Classic Slot

Playtech And Scientific Team Up For Bingo Re-Make Of Classic Slot

Two big names from the world of online casino gaming have joined forces and have undertaken a bingo re-make of the United Kingdom’s most popular land-based slot – Rainbow Riches.

Playtech plc and Scientic Games are the two behind this re-make, which will see the iconic Rainbow Riches slot, which is already popular across a number of platforms, given a new twist with a bingo game style makeover.

Already a fan favourite on land-based devices, this new bingo variant has just gone live on desktop, mobile and online platforms, and is being supported by a £100,000 promotion as part of a lead in to March 17th, which just happens to be St. Patrick’s Day.

Rainbow Riches Re-Make – Rainbow Riches Bingo

This new re-make of the classic slot title has been several months in the works, with the team from Playtech adding some new innovate features, as well as being careful to preserve certain elements of the original title which have helped prove it to be so popular.

Initial development of the new game was done on the mobile platform, with handsets and tablets the first testing methods of choice, with a desktop platform version of the game coming soon after.

The new Rainbow Riches Bingo title includes two industry first Jackpots which are network based, which will ensure that the winnings are flowing through to players of the game frequently.

The Jackpots will be split across 3 prize bands of gold, silver and bronze, with one being triggered by the landing of a set amount of lucky shamrock symbols, and the other being triggered by the player collecting gold coins in the Wishing Well Bonus Round.

Comment From Playtech

Gary Keaney, who acts as Head of Bingo at Playtech, has commented on the pride that the Playtech team feel in being able to develop and release the notable Rainbow Riches title through their company, and paid tribute to the games loyal following and promised that this new version of the game would not stray too far from the origins of the classic title.

Comment From Scientific Games

Jeremy Bowskill, who acts as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Interactive, Scientific Games, has paid tribute to the Playtech Bingo team and the development that they have undertaken of the new title, and noted some of the new innovations made to the game, while retaining the feel of the original game.