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  • Satoshinori.com Goes Live While SutoshiBet Leaves the U.S.

Satoshinori.com Goes Live While SutoshiBet Leaves the U.S.

Satoshinori.com, a bitcoin casino, has recently began beta testing and is currently targeted the Asian market, specifically China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Operations are based in South Korea and the casino itself is offering a variety of gaming products including games geared towards multi-players like Texas Hold’em poker and traditional casino games.

The casino itself was designed by a Korean Gaming publishing company who have a strong stance towards fair gaming, low costs and a high level of security. The goal is to appeal to those who are professionals and understand the bitcoin market. The fact that online betting is illegal in many Asian countries means that viable alternatives are few and far between – something that will only benefit Satoshinori’s growth in its core market.

The level of security is evident from the beginning as its website clearly indicates that all bitcoins deposited through the casino will be stored in a secure environment through the use of proven methods. In addition, the casino ensures that each bitcoin address changes with every transaction processed, to add an extra layer of security. The company offers a number of different recommended exchanges for most countries as well.

Satoshinori chose to use bitcoin due to its ease and the privacy it affords their customers. This is particularly important in a global marketplace that is seeing increased regulation as governments look for ways to tax the online gaming industry. In addition, the use of bitcoins is useful in the demonstration of the currency’s value and showcasing the effectiveness and smoothness of it in a transaction and business environment.

It is expected that sites like Satoshinori will spark interest in the bitcoin economy by allowing for more people to purchase them and see their value. The gambling industry is worth an estimated $12.7 billion in the Asian market alone and that is expected to surpass $49 billion if it becaomes legalized.  It has said that slot machines and other games will be introduced as the company develops its player-base.

While in the US of A…..

SatoshiBet, a popular destination for those looking to wager with the use of bitcoins, offers a wide variety of games to customers including roulette, blackjack, video poker, baccarat, slots and a number of specialty games. The casino recently stated that it will no longer be allowing Americans to have access to its site. The announcement was made in a post of Reddit and claimed that due to the uncertainty of online gambling within the U.S and the possibility of potential legal issues, they are exiting the U.S market as a preventative measure.

This comes on the heels of many bitcoin gambling sites who have faced mounting pressure due to legalities relating to regulation. The Spanish government recently deemed bitcoins an electronic payment system and forced anyone using it to accept wagers be licensed. Based on this, it was advised to SatoshiBet through their legal team to exit the U.S market.

The casino stated that the use of bitcoins for gambling within the U.S is illegal as in definition by the courts, it is not clear but does make it somewhat more undefined. All customers within the United States who have deposited funds are being advised by the company to contact them in order to receive payment of their balances. They wish to complete their relationship with U.S players on a friendly and professional level. It hoped that in the future that U.S players will once again be welcomed once a higher level of clarity has been established from a legal perspective.

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