Batman Slots

BatmanBatman is the name of this Cryptologic slot, and you probably know already what it’s all about. Batman is the name of one of the many comic books and movies that are extremely popular right now, the hero being a vigilante with a collection of high tech toys that makes most men drool at the sight of them. Wearing an all black suit whose design is inspired by the bat, Batman is one of the most popular characters from comic books today. It’s a slot that is built with an official license from DC Comics, a game with a comic book style design that suits it very well.

It’s clearly a modern game, with its 50 paylines spread across 5 reels, with top prizes of up to $80,000 and with the list of features including not only multipliers, but also scatters and wild symbols.

Features of Batman

Batman’s features are the ones you would expect from a title like this, giving you a nice selection of symbols and bonus rounds, each one built according to the theme and contributing to the action.

Batman, the hero of the comic, gets to appear on the middle three reels only (2, 3 and 4). From this position, it acts as a wild symbol and is able to substitute for other regular symbols. The only one it can’t take over for is the scattered logo.

Speaking of the scatter symbol, you actually have two types inside. One of them is marked Scatter, the other Bonus. Get 2 to 5 matching scatters, anywhere in the game, and your reward will be a prize of 2x to 100x the triggering bet.

Descent into Madness Feature

This is the bonus game of Batman, and I’ve enjoyed seeing that it’s built based on the story, so they didn’t just put it in for variety purposes. This part of the game requires that you have the Bonus Bet activated (an extra 10 coins wagered besides the initial 50). At the same time, you need the scattered logos to appear at least three times in consecutive order, starting from the left.

You first go against the goons that the Joker sent against you, after which you get to fight the villain face to face. You get your chance to win the bonus game’s prize, if you manage to defeat the Joker.


Betting options and jackpots

With 50 coins used for the 50 paylines, plus an extra 10 coins chosen for the Bonus Bet, this is one of the more expensive slot machines from Cryptologic. The coins themselves have a high value if you want to maximize the payouts, going up to $20, while the starting point is at $0.01. In case you didn’t do the math yet, that means a bet of up to $1,200.

In exchange, the game offers you a lot of opportunities to form winning combinations, with 50 different paylines available, plus a top payout of $80,000, if you get the Joker combo with a Batman wild contributing to it. Though the initial jackpot is 2,000x, the multiplier of the wild takes it to 4,000x. The scatter has its own big prize, the 100x multiple meaning up to $120,000 cash.

Design and symbols

The design is one of Batman’s biggest pros, as this licensed game gets images directly out of the comic book. This isn’t’ some movie themed slot machine, as the comic book was the one that inspired it, so it looks a lot better than you might expect. The background is a night view of Gotham, the city where Batman operates, while on the reels you only found images that have some connection to the theme.

Symbols: Batman (wild), Bat Scatter (scatter, 100x the bet), Bat Bonus (scatter, 100x the bet), Joker (2,000x), Commissioner Gordon (200x), Batmobile (150x), Bat Motorbike (150x), Batsignal (125x), Bang Revolver (125x), Flower (120x), Bat shuriken (120x), Grappler Weapon (100x) and Joker Card (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

You should play Batman if you’re a fan of the comic or the movies, or if you simply want to see how a well done game looks like. It’s got one of the better looking comic book slot designs I’ve seen in a while, it has big prizes and some decent features, but its wagers are way too high.

Batman, A Bit of History

Batman is the name of a superhero that appears in one of the comic books released by DC Comics. It’s got quite a bit of history behind it, appearing for the first time in a comic from 1939, and then getting its own Batman series in 1940. Batman is actually the name that Bruce Wayne takes on, when he transforms into the caped crusader and going against the villains of Gotham City. In his real life, Bruce Wayne is a billionaire and a philanthropist, one of the most influential people from Gotham.

He dresses in a bat costume when he’s called to help the city out, and he often walks the streets at night, trying to catch criminals in the act and hand them over to the police. As a child, Bruce saw his parents get murdered, and he’s sworn revenge on all criminals at that point. The Joker, which this slot machine is also about, is one of his main enemies, but not the only one.

Thanks to its popularity, Batman has started as a comic book, but eventually it had movies, games and TV series created based on it, plus quite a few slot machines.

You will find Batman at any online casino which chooses to use software from Cryptologic, playable either for free or for real money.