Bejeweled Slots

BejeweledBejeweled is a game that doesn’t need an introduction, a slot machine that gets as a theme the famous game with the same name that is so popular with mobile phone users. The original game’s goal is for the player to form combinations of three or more identical jewels, by switching the position of neighboring symbols with each other. It’s a hugely popular game on smartphones and tablets, both on Android and iOS, and from what I can see Cryptologic did a pretty good job with the slot machine that was inspired by it.

The 5 reels of Bejeweled get 10 paylines on them, five of them vertical while the other five are horizontal. This unusual game might have only a wild to offer when it comes to features, but it more than makes up for it with the huge prize it offers. It gives you the chance to win up to $400,000, which would be a 20,000x multiple.

Features of Bejeweled

This is a pretty simple game overall, though its prizes and design do make it a bit more special. You will find a single feature inside, a wild symbol, the same one that gives you all the big prizes.

The wild’s symbol is the Bejeweled logo, with a collection of colored gems behind the name. Because it’s a wild, this symbol can substitute for other types of gems, thus allowing them to form combinations of three or more icons. Since it’s the only feature symbol available, there are no exceptions and it can substitute for all the others.


Betting options and jackpots

Wagers are kept simple enough, with all the lines required to be activated and with the coin denomination being the only one you can work with. The denomination’s range being $0.01 to $20, the maximum bet is at $200.

There are multiple prizes you can win here, so I’ll start with the biggest one. The Super Jackpot is winnable through a maximum bet. The other requirement is for you to have 5 Bejeweled wilds on the 10th payline (the first horizontal payline at the top). The reward is 20,000 coins, or $400,000. Getting these symbols on the other 9 lines will mean a prize worth only 1,000x ($20,000).

There is a Jackpot prize as well, a 8,000 coins ($160,000) payout, which requires that both the 5th vertical payline and one of the five horizontal paylines should have 5 matching symbols on them.

Design and symbols

The design is quite simple, using a lot of blue of different shades. The symbols are all different types of jewels, with the exception of the wild. It’s a cute game, without extraordinary graphics and not trying to get the attention away from the action. The reels are placed in the middle, with various options and jackpot info displayed all around them.

Symbols: Bejeweled Logo (wild, 20,000x), Blue Gem (500x), Red Gem (100x), Silver Gem (20x), Yellow Gem (10x), Orange Gem (10x), Green Gem (10x) and Purple Gem (10x).


Is It Worth Playing?

You will of course love Bejeweled if you’re a huge fan of the addictive mobile game that inspired it, but with prizes of up to $400,000, I believe pretty much everyone can learn to enjoy it.

This Bejeweled slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.