Blade Slots

BladeBlade is a slot machine that is based on the movie with the same name and the comics from Marvel that inspired it. The action revolves here around a hybrid between a vampire and a human, someone that hunts the creatures of the night and protects the human kind along the way. The star of the movie was Wesley Snipes, with the film being released all the way back in 1998. Obviously, the slot revolves around the same idea as the comic book and the movies, with vampire hunting gear being a big part of the paytable section.

The game is a bit old, offering on its 5 reels only 9 paylines. This is generally the mark of an older game, something that the design seems to suggest as well. You can get a decent reward out of this slot though, with $40,000 up for grabs, while the features you get while playing consist in free games, scatters, bonus rounds and wild symbols. A couple of progressive jackpots are also offered, all of them randomly awarded.

Features of Blade

You’re not going to be amazed by what you’re offered in Blade, but it’s not going to be disappointing either. There is a decent collection of basic features here, nothing that really pops out but at least they are present.

The first one that comes to mind would be Blade himself, acting as the substitute (wild). The wild’s role allows it to take the role of regular symbols, as long as it is located on a payline together with other matching icons. When that happens, the wild helps them form their combo or improve it. If wilds appear multiple times on the same line, they form their own combinations, giving you the slot’s best payouts (top jackpot included).

Another would be the scatter, the Blade Logo taking this role. This is the kind of symbol that you’re always happy to see, even if it’s not forming a combo on a line. The scatter ability means that the number of 2 to 5 symbols is all that is needed, even if they’re placed on random lines. The prizes advertised are total bet multiples, of up to 100x.


Bonus Game Feature

The bonus game requires two different types of symbols being present at the same time. You need a Vampire on both the 1st and 5th reels, while on the 3rd reel the Blade wild needs to be present. The exact location of the symbols on the three reels doesn’t matter.

When the conditions are met, you will find that Blade expands and covers the 3rd reel entirely, while the other reels respin 5 times. For the duration of these respins, Vampire symbols turn into Blade wilds.

Betting options and jackpots

Blade and its 9 paylines require bets of 1 to 9 coins, depending on the number of lines you want active. The coin betting range is $0.05 to $5, which can mean a wager of $45 when everything is maxed out.

The 8,000x multiple that you get with the help of the wild symbol applies to the line bet, so you can expect $40,000 out of this slot, as long as the coin was at $5. Three random progressive jackpots from Marvel are available as well, called Hero Jackpot, Super Hero Jackpot and Marvel Hero Jackpot.

Design and symbols

Comic book themed slot machines that are built under license tend to look great usually, especially when they use the comics and not the movies as inspiration. The design doesn’t impress us here though, perhaps because it is an older game, or maybe it’s just a matter of taste. The symbols don’t seem to be as well drawn and detailed as in other slots.

Symbols: Blade (wild, 8,000x), Blade Logo (scatter, 100x the triggering bet), Vampire (bonus), Machine Gun (1,500x), Silver Stakes (750x), Wooden Cross (500x), Blade Weapon (150x), Liquid Serum (150x), Muscle Car (125x), Vampire’s Victim (125x), Headstone (100x) and Garlic (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

This isn’t the best looking or the most fun slot machine among the ones based on comic books. If you’re a fan of the Blade comics, you will want to try it out, but otherwise it’s not the most impressive game around.

Blade Comics, an Introduction

Blade is one of the Marvel Comics heroes, a vampire hunter that appeared for the first time in a comic book in 1973, in the 10th episode of The Tomb of Dracula. It became popular enough that it was part of a couple of different comic book series, plus a movie trilogy and a TV series were also created based on it, later on. As you can see, even slot machines were inspired by it.

Blade is not a regular human, closer to superhero status actually, as he is a hybrid between a vampire and a human. He gets superhuman strength out of it, plus increased stamina, agility and speed. When you add his improved reflexes, the fact that he can heal fast and he can sense creatures of the night, you get a pretty awesome vampire hunter. Using weapons and martial arts that he’s an expert in, he goes out and saves humans from the vampires that hunt them.

The Blade slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.