Captain Nemo Slots

Captain-NemoCaptain Nemo is not only the name of this slot, but also that of a famous character in one of the novels written by Jules Verne. Appearing in the 19th century, this novel, called “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”, was decades ahead of its time and as always this author has managed to get quite a few things right about submarines and the way they would work. It’s probably the most well known of the Jules Verne works, and there were dozens of them published. Captain Nemo was the owner of Nautilus, a submarine.

You will notice the presence of 20 lines on the slot’s 5 reels. If you get really lucky, you can expect a $80,000 jackpot from Captain Nemo. As you keep playing and spinning reels, the features you will enjoy are made up of bonus games, scatters and wilds.

Features of Captain Nemo

You don’t find as many features in this title as you would in other Cryptologic slots, but it’s still a game that you will want to try out, at least if you were a Jules Verne fan as a kid. The wild and the scatter symbols are pretty basic, so the bonus game is the one that saves the day.

The Sunken Ships symbol makes it look like a ship graveyard, with at least two visible in the distance, on the ocean’s floor. As a wild, this symbol can substitute for all symbols, with the exception of the scattered Logo. You get paid no matter what, if you see this symbol on the reels, but you win more if there are all five present on a line. The payouts go from 2 coins (for 1 wild), to 4,000 coins (5 wilds).

The Captain Nemo Logo is the kind of symbol that you just want to see appear as often as possible, while with other icons you also want them to be in certain positions on active lines. As long as you have 2 to 5 Logos somewhere on the reels, you will get paid, with a multiple applied to the triggering bet (up to 100x).

Bonus Feature

With 3+ scattered Logos around, the Bonus Feature will get triggered. You are asked to select spots on the screen, resulting in Jackpot tokens, strikes, multipliers or prizes. You get to keep everything that is won. The multiplier is applied to the prizes won during the bonus game, and you can get two of them to team up and improve the payouts even more than a single one would.

Finding 3 of the Jackpot tokens results in the Jackpot Round starting up, for a chance to win the progressive prize. There is one spin during this round, and you want the outer wheel to stop on an arrow. If that happens, the middle wheel starts up as well. It also has to stop on an arrow, in order to activate the inner wheel. You want that inner wheel to stop on a symbol marked Jackpot, to win the big prize.


Betting options and jackpots

You get pretty good prizes in Captain Nemo, but you have to play your part as well, and invest a decent amount per spin. The bets can go up to $400, where the 20 coins each have $20 denominations. The lowest coin value can be set at $0.01, plus there is the option to reduce the number of active lines.

You can win big in one of two ways in Captain Nemo. You can either get the 4,000x top jackpot ($80,000), or you can win the progressive jackpot, by gaining access to it through the bonus game.

Design and symbols

Cryptologic did a good job on Captain Nemo, using in it the kind of retro looking equipment and images that would’ve been used in the early 20th century, if not in the 19th when the book was written. Even the surrounding decorations look the part, especially the ones around the logo area. The symbols have the same retro look, and overall it’s an appealing design.

Symbols: Sunken Ships (wild, 4,000x), Logo (scatter, 100x the bet), Nautilus (2,500x), Island (1,000x), Map (500x), Headset (500x), Diver Suit (150x), Pressure Gauge (150x), Periscope (125x), Octopus (125x), Pearl (100x) and Captain Nemo (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

You’re going to have tons of fun with Captain Nemo, and you don’t have to be a reader of Jules Verne’s novels to be able to appreciate the game that Cryptologic has created here.

This Captain Nemo slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.