Cash Caper Slots

Cash-CaperCash Caper is one of Cryptologic’s slot machines, but I wouldn’t call it one of their regulars. It’s a weird game, where the way the symbols are displayed is different from any other title. The theme is built around a bank robbery, where you see the sleeping guard on the left and the robber on the right side of the screen.

There are 5 reels in Cash Caper, but only 3 paylines, quite unusual for a slot machine of this kind. This unconventional title offers a $280 jackpot and for features you’re going to find free spins and a bonus game.

Features of Cash Caper

Though this is not the usual slot machine you might be used to, Cash Caper does have some regular features inside, one of them being a bonus game, the other a round of free spins.

You need to combine two halves of a symbol with a money bag on it, if you want the bonus game round to trigger for you. On the screen that comes next, you have five deposit boxes and you are asked to pick one of them. It’s a simple picking bonus round, where you get an instant prize once the pick was made. Get a Golden Key out of a deposit box, and you can proceed to the next level of the bonus game.

A Fortune Wheel is part of the second level of the bonus game, the one where you win free spins. The wheel has numbers from 1 to 8 written on it, and the result will indicate how many free spins you’ve won.


Betting options and jackpots

It’s a cheap game to play, which would explain the low prizes available in it. You get to use 1 to 3 coins, to activate 1 to 3 paylines. The $1 coin denomination is the highest available, while $0.02 is the lowest. A $3 wager is low enough to allow everyone to play, and that’s the maximum value of a bet.

The 280 coins of the top jackpot don’t translate into much of a prize, winning you only up to $280. It’s not a big payout, but then again this is not an expensive game.

Design and symbols

The action takes place in a bank, where you can see both the sleeping guard and the robber that’s coming in. Various coins, money bags and banknotes are used for symbols, but the really weird part is the way the symbols look like. Each reel has a half of a symbol, so you need to align two identical halves to get paid in it. The design style is rather crude, so besides being weird to play, it’s also not that attractive.

Symbols: Money Bag, $10 Bill, $5 Bill, $1 Bill, Silver Coin.

Is It Worth Playing?

If you want to try out something new and different, Cash Caper would fit that role. It’s not a great looking slot, it doesn’t have many features or big prizes, but it is different, I’ll give it that.

The Cash Caper slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.