Computer Rage Slots

Computer-RageIf you ever had a computer freeze up on you as you were working on it, without giving you a chance to save, you probably know already what computer rage is all about. You want to just grab that keyboard and smash it against the monitor, to make you feel just a little bit better. That’s the theme in Computer Rage, a game that was created in Cryptologic’s studios. The action takes place in an office setting, with the employee that’s got the rage being a female. The boss is around as well, but he doesn’t appear to be the helpful kind.

You’re going to find that Computer Rage is a pretty average slot machine, using a modern 5 reel setup with 25 lines on them. Cryptologic placed inside a huge prize, worth $100,000, plus you get a few other nice features like a wild, a bonus symbol and a scatter.

Features of Computer Rage

You get a couple of well known features in the game, none of them extraordinary or unusual. They’re the basic ones, meaning the wild, the scatter and a bonus symbol.

The Boss character is the most valuable of the lot, a wild with the capacity to substitute for other symbols when that will help them form a new combo with at least two symbols in it. You don’t find him substituting for the Girl or the Computer, but every other regular icon benefits from his presence. Even better than having him part of a combo, would be to get multiple wilds on the same active line and getting their own payouts to you. That means a multiple of up to 5,000x in your pocket, the highest prize available.

Another feature that you should be used to by now is the scatter. Represented by the Broken Computer, the result of the rage mentioned in the title, the scatter has the ability to trigger a bonus feature and at the same time to offer a cash prize. It goes up to 100x the triggering bet value with the prizes.

Smashed Computer Feature

The result of 3+ smashed computers scatters being on the reels is not just a prize, but also a bonus game. You get the chance to crush some computers yourself, using a sledgehammer that you take to three of the available PCs. Each computer you smash will reveal another prize.


Computer Rage

The Girl that gets the rage fit is the bonus symbol and her only role is that of a trigger for a bonus game. You need the Boss wild on the 1st reel, while the Girl bonus is on reels 4 and 5. When that happens, you get the bonus game and you are asked to push computers through the window of the office. You pick 5 of the 10 available windows and if you chose correctly, the computer is pushed and you get a prize.

Betting options and jackpots

The presence of 25 lines in a Cryptologic game will generally come with the option to use a maximum of 25 coins for each spin you go through. While it’s a good idea to use all the coins in order to maximize your chance of something happening, the coin denomination is another matter and you can usually work on it as your budget allows. The range is $0.01 to $20, which takes the maximum bet to $500.

You can expect a 5,000 coins jackpot if you get the best combo available in Computer Rage. Depending on the denomination of the coin you used, the cash value can be up to $100,000.

Design and symbols

The theme being related to a rage episode that takes place in an office, you’re going to notice behind the reels and on the symbols various items that belong in such a setting. The office serves as a background, with files and wall clocks among other things. It’s an interesting style of designing symbols, with everything being either considered office supply or being smashed to bits by the rage episode.

Symbols: Boss (wild, 5,000x), Computer (scatter, 100x the bet), Girl (bonus), Stapler (1,500x), Files (500x), ID tags (500x), Ace (150x), King (150x), Queen (125x), Jack (125x), Ten (100x) and Nine (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The theme choice alone should make this game worthy of your attention, but add to that a more than decent prize ($100,000) and the two bonus games where you get to experience some computer rage yourself, and you get a winner.

The Computer Rage slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.