Conan The Barbarian Slots

Conan-The-BarbarianConan The Barbarian is the kind of game you rely on when you’re looking for a bit of action, a slot that takes a barbarian from a comic book and puts him in the middle of a fight, as you will figure out yourself if you take a look at the arrows flying around or the weapons and warriors visible in the game. Blood, weapons and barbarians, these are the three cornerstones of this slot machine, and they did it pretty well. It’s an interesting game, inspired by a character that appeared in comics, movies and games, and was even played by Schwarzenegger at one time, decades ago.

There are 5 reels with 9 lines inside, in a game that Cryptologic created. The slot’s own prize is only worth about $3,750, but the Crazy Jackpots are also available, progressive prizes that vary in value depending on the line where they’ve been won. Wild symbols, scatters and a bonus round are the only features provided.

Features of Conan The Barbarian

The action and the progressive jackpots constitute a big part of the appeal this game has, with features being rather limited, at least compared with other titles.

Conan is very important to the game, capable of both substituting for other symbols and acting as a trigger for one of the 9 Crazy Jackpots. He looks dangerous and the blood of his enemies is everywhere around him, but you still want to get the wild as often as possible. It will often trigger combinations that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. It can’t take the place of a logo scatter, but it should work every time otherwise.

The Conan Logo is the second and last of the feature icons. As a scatter, you will find that it is capable of offering prizes without mattering where exactly it lands. The requirement is to simply have 2 to 5 logos on the screen, and that will be enough for a cash prize. The prizes offered are multiples of the total bet, not of the line bet, and they go up to 100x.

Cave of Skulls Bonus Game

The result of 3+ logos appearing isn’t limited to just a prize, getting you a bonus game as well. A collection of skulls is presented to you next, hanging by chains. You get to tell Conan which skull should be taken down with his sword. You keep picking skulls and winning prizes, until you get one that starts laughing at you.


Betting options and jackpots

There are only 9 lines to work with in this game, so the wagers don’t get as high as they do in other slots. The denomination goes as high as $5, so with 9 coins usable you end up with a $45 wager. The smallest denomination is at $0.05, and you can just as easily use a single coin to spin the reels (while activating a single payline).

While it’s a cheaper game to play than others, the regular prizes don’t seem to be that great either. The 750x multiple involved here can mean a $3,750 cash prize, as long as you’ve used the $5 coin.

The Crazy Jackpot is the game’s real top prize though. It involves 9 different progressive jackpots, one for each payline available. Depending on which line you get 5 Conan symbols, the progressive jackpot value will vary.

Design and symbols

You’re going to find inside a game with a design usually reserved for Roman or Greek themed slots. Conan The Barbarian is present among the symbols, along with a few other images that seem related. Quite a few others are playing cards though, and definitely not related (though they do have blood around them, so I guess they at least made an effort with them).

Symbols: Conan (wild, progressive jackpot), Logo (scatter, 100x the bet), Green Evil Character (750x), Girl (250x), Clouds (250x), Helmet (200x), Ace (200x), King (150x), Queen (150x), Jack (100x) and 10 (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Though the movies based on this character were never that successful, the comic book has its fans and the barbarian theme is cool enough to warrant a look. With multiple progressive jackpots and a couple of decent features, you should have enough reasons to try it out.

You will find Conan The Barbarian at any online casino which chooses to use software from Cryptologic, playable either for free or for real money.