Daily Horoscope Slots

Daily-HoroscopeDaily Horoscope will get you a Cryptologic designed slot machine with its inspiration being drawn from astrology and the signs that so many people believe in. The 12 signs of the horoscope serve as the slot’s symbols, some of them more important than others. You will find the various signs come to life, so you get real people and creatures, instead of the abstract shapes that the stars form on the night sky. Though it’s a colorful game, it’s not too bright, as the symbols each have stars and the night sky behind them.

Daily Horoscope’s 5 reels have a total of 20 bet lines and while placing bets on them you can hope for a prize that goes up to $125,000. That kind of prize is always a good sign and chances are that you will enjoy your time with it, especially since you also have a couple of decent features that can appear (scatters and wilds).

Features of Daily Horoscope

The scatter and the wild are the two symbols with special roles, but they seem to be the basic kind, without too much to show off with, except maybe the bonus game.

The Taurus symbol, with the image of a bull on it, acts as both the wild and the trigger for the big jackpot, an impressive 25,000 coins. When you don’t have multiple wilds on the same line, forming its own combinations, you will see it help other symbols create paying lines. It’s always a useful feature, but I especially love seeing it award such large top payouts.

Sagittarius is also quite important, as a scatter symbol can either get you a small prize or access to the bonus game. It doesn’t offer you the big payout that is available through them in other slots, but if you get two scatters you can at least recover the amount you’ve used in your bet that round.

Astrology Bonus Game

If you happen to get a minimum of three Sagittarius signs in any random position, you get the bonus game. You have to choose the target at which the archer (Sagittarius) shoots. There are three signs that you aim for, and four rounds in which to hit them. The problem is, they shrink as the bonus game advances, so it’s becoming more difficult to take them down. As you play, you try to align the horizontal and the vertical lines, to let the archer know where he should shoot.

Betting options and jackpots

You can expect to make two choices in Daily Horoscope. The first one would be about the number of active lines, which also decides how many coins you will use. The second decision is about the bet range for the individual coins, which is between $.01 and $5. Remember, you have to multiply this value by the number of active lines, so you can end up with a bet of $100.

It might sound like a lot of money for a spin that only lasts seconds, but you have to keep in mind the rewards that you can get from it. The best combo available gives you 25,000 coins, or up to $125,000.

Design and symbols

The horoscope theme is unmistakable, with the various symbols being recognizable images of the various signs that people are born under. Representations of the Sun and the Moon are in the two top corners of the screen, with the planets being placed on the top part of the betting options. The symbol’s design style is not that great, a bit too abstract for my tastes as I enjoy precision and realistic images, but the overall effect is a decent one.

Symbols: Sagittarius (scatter), Taurus (wild, 25,000x), Leo (7,500x), Aries (2,500x), Pisces (1,000x), Capricorn (1,000x), Cancer (500x), Gemini (500x), Virgo (200x), Libra (200x), Aquarius (100x) and Scorpio (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It can be a cool game, but you need to be a fan of astrology to really appreciate it. It’s quite easy to appreciate the top prize it offers though, as there aren’t that many slots out there that award $125,000.

This Daily Horoscope slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.