Diamond Cave Slots

Diamond-CaveDiamond Cave is an adventurer’s dream, involving an Indiana Jones like character, treasures and dangers that lie ahead, as our hero tries to reach the depths of the diamond cave. From the knife he owns, to the hat on his head and the huge blue diamond that he tries to get, the game promises to be a fun adventure, the kind of slot machine that has more to offer than just the promise of treasures (though that’s a big part of the attraction, obviously).

The 20 bet lines offered in Diamond Cave are placed on the usual 5 reels. The prize they offered inside goes up to $25,000, provided that you maxed out the line wager during that round. As for the few features you get, they consist in the usual scatter and wild symbols, plus a bonus game.

Features of Diamond Cave

A wild, a scatter symbol and a feature, that’s all you get in Diamond Cave. You might not be impressed by the feature list, but it’s still better than what many other titles manage to give you.

The Cave is a regular one, not actually made out of diamonds like the title might suggest. You do see the huge blue diamond in the middle, the one that the adventurer went inside to find. This symbol is what you would call a wild, designed to substitute for others and hopefully assist them in creating new combinations. Getting anywhere between 2 to 5 symbols with the Cave on the same line and aligned from the left, will result in a prize being offered to you, the amount being a line bet multiple, between 10x and 5,000x.

The Blue Diamond on the other hand, doesn’t offer prizes based on line wagers, using the total bet instead. It multiplies the value of the triggering bet with 2x to 100x, depending on how many Diamonds are scattered in the game. This is a scatter feature, meaning that it doesn’t take paylines into consideration when forming combinations of its own.

The Mines Feature

Both the Cave and the Diamond have to work together, wild and scatter, in order for you to get inside the Mines Feature. The Cave has to be on the 1st reel, while the Diamond is on the 5th. You have to advance through the cave, stopping from time to time and choosing one of three clay pots. You have five stops along the way, and each of the five prizes can be worth up to 500x the bet value.


Betting options and jackpots

Like many other modern titles do, Diamond Cave also allows you to go quite high with your wagers. $100 is the maximum amount usable for a single spin, which can seem like a lot of money if you consider that it takes just a few seconds to win or lose it. The wager is composed of 20 coins, one per payline, with denominations at $5. The use of fewer coins is possible, as is dropping their value to as little as $0.01.

While it might seem risky to wager $100 on a single spin, there are rewards as well that you should consider, like the top jackpot’s 5,000 coins ($25,000). If you use a smaller denomination for the coin, the cash value will be considerably smaller.

Design and symbols

The action in Diamond Cave takes place in a cave, obviously, with big stalactites and lots of sparkling diamonds being barely visible in the dark. The cave image has a red hue to it, while the symbols are a bit more balanced, many of them with a yellow background. It’s an enjoyable game, but not an extraordinary one.

Symbols: Cave (wild, 5,000x), Blue Diamond (scatter, 100x wager), Explorer (1,250x), Map (500x), Fire (300x), Backpack (300x), Bat (150x), Snake (150x), Torch (125x), Hat (125x), Pickaxe (100x) and Hunting Knife (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The design on its own doesn’t stand out, so I can’t recommend it as a great experience. It’s an average title, with average everything, from the features to the top payouts.

This Diamond Cave slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.