Elektra Slots

ElektraElektra is one of the Cryptologic slot machines that were built with Marvel’s official blessing, as this is based on one of their many characters. Yes, it’s a comic book character, but a smoking hot one, a sexy lady dressed in red leather and fighting villains with ninja weapons. What’s not to love? She appeared originally in the Daredevil comic books, as one of the good guys. This being a Marvel slot, you can expect superb graphics, comic book inspired symbols and a lot of fighting, with villains in the role of the punching bags.

The game uses an average number of paylines, with the maximum being at 20, while the number of reels is a standard 5. Coming from Cryptologic, the game has scatter symbols and wilds, plus a bonus round, but nothing else. Both the Marvel progressive jackpots and the slot’s own $25,000 can be won while playing it.

Features of Elektra

The features are the ones that prove to be most disappointing in Elektra. You do have the usual two symbols with wild and scatter roles, but they don’t do much besides offering you their most basic roles. The only thing you can get out of them is a bonus game.

Elektra appears in mid-action in the symbol with substitution capabilities. This wild, as it’s called, will assist other symbols in forming new combinations, but it has to be in the right position already in order to achieve that. You will not get the wild to take over for a scatter, since it’s a symbol with a special role, but all the others will benefit from its presence. The wild is also capable of forming its own paying combos, with up to 5,000 coins on the line when it does so.

The Logo (the letter E, written in blood on a brick wall) gets you the other feature and the scatter ability. This scattered Logo can do two things for you. First of all, multiple scatters will always pay you a prize, the amount varying based on how many symbols are present and on how big your wager was. A multiple of 2x to 100x the amount you wagered is offered as its prize. At the same time, when you have a minimum of three Logos you get a bonus game triggered.


Shoot the Ninjas

The 3+ Logos required to trigger the bonus game can be anywhere on the reels, thanks to their scatter ability. As the bonus game starts, you have to throw ninja stars and try to stop the Ninjas. Whenever you manage to kill a Ninja, you get a random prize, with an upper limit set at 250x the bet. Each miss or hit is counted, and once you get five of the same type, the round ends. You can get up to 9 attempts this way.

Betting options and jackpots

It’s not an expensive game, though some people will still not afford to play it at its maximum $100 bet value. Reducing this amount is possible by taking down the denomination from $5 to $0.01, or by changing the number of active lines (from 20 to just 1 if you have to).

A 5,000 coins payout turns into up to $25,000, as long as the coin denomination was maxed out. Three different Marvel jackpots are also on the line, but you don’t have to do anything to win them. These will be offered randomly to players, at the end of the spin.

Design and symbols

Thanks to the Marvel license and their input, you’re going to get very cool looking graphics from Elektra, images being taken directly from comic books, and as such being a notch above the usual slot machine graphics. With heroes and villains, weapons and Chinese characters, this slot looks like a kick-ass choice and I’ve had fun trying it out. The classic and the modern elements are both present on the screen, with the ancient Chinese temple on the left side, while a city building is on the right.

Symbols: Elektra (wild, 5,000x), Logo (scatter, 100x bet), Daredevil kissing Elektra (1,250x), Bullseye (500x), Throwing Stars (250x), Sai Weapons (250x), Briefcase with blood on money (150x), Dragon (150x), Red Hand (125x), Red Cap (125x), Chinese Symbol #1 and #2 (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

As is often the case with the slots that have a Marvel influence, you’re going to have fun in it and you can even kick some ninja ass in the bonus game. The features are not as well developed as I would’ve liked though.

Elektra, Daredevil’s Love Interest

Elektra, whose full name is Elektra Natchios, is a Marvel Comics character that initially appeared in the 168th number of Daredevil. Used initially as a love interest for the main character of that comic, Elektra proves to be too dangerous and mercenary for him, so they split up. She is not a superhero exactly, as much as she is an assassin, a female ninja (kunoichi). She has a Greek heritage and she prefers to use two Sai weapons.

She may have started out in Daredevil comics, but eventually got her own series as well, plus she was a character in the movie Daredevil (2003) and then in Elektra (2005). She was also in a number of other series in a support role, one of them being X-Men.

This Elektra slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.