Fantastic Four Slots

Fantastic-FourA title like Fantastic Four doesn’t need much of an introduction, as it is one of the popular Marvel comics. It is about a team of four superheroes, each one with his own set of skills. Cryptologic has a number of these slots, all built under official license from Marvel and in each case the graphics are top notch and there are a lot of features inside. With powers like indestructibility, invisibility or becoming a human torch, the four heroes go against villains like Dr. Doom (also present in the game).

Fantastic Four’s 25 bet lines are found on the normal 5 reels that are so common these days. Cryptologic insured that once inside you will find plenty of things to do, thanks to the presence of the scatter and wild symbols, with free spins and multipliers being a result. Prize wise, the game does well, with $25,000 up for grabs directly, while progressive jackpots from Marvel are also winnable in it.

Features of Fantastic Four

You get no less than five wild symbols from Fantastic Four, each character getting one of them and with its own reel to appear on. The scatter symbol completes the list and triggers the bonus round.

The five wilds that you get in the game appear on one reel each, so in order to get the top jackpot you have to form a combo with the five characters on the same line. When they appear on their own, they help others form combinations, so they’re always going to be useful to have around. Mr. Fantastic is the wild on the 1st reel, Invisible Woman is on 2nd reel, Human Torch on 3rd reel, The Thing on 4th reel and Dr Doom on 5th reel. They can’t substitute for the scattered Logo, but otherwise they work in every other situation.

The Logo scatter gets to form its combinations from random positions, not just on the active lines. The simple presence of multiple scatter symbols will signal a prize being awarded (up to 100x triggering wager), plus a bonus round starting up (3+ scatters needed).


Free Games Feature

Three or more scattered Logos are enough to get you the bonus game, and they don’t even have to take over the same line in order to give you access. Next, you have to choose, one out of five types of free games, one for each character.

Mr. Fantastic – choose this feature, and you get 15 spins for free plus a 2x multiplier. The appearance of Mr Fantastic on the 1st reel, during the free spins, makes all the symbols on that reel wild.

Invisible Woman – the second choice available to you, it will give you fewer spins, 10 of them, but higher multipliers (3x). With each extra Invisible Woman symbol that appears during these spins, you win more free games.

Human Torch – this one is similar to Invisible Woman feature, since it gives you the same 10 spins with 3x multipliers. On top of that, you also get more Human Torch wilds, this time on all the reels, not just the 3rd.

The Thing – with 15 free games available, this feature doesn’t have a fixed multiplier, instead being randomly chosen during each round, from a range of 2x to 10x.

Dr Doom – the last option available, this feature gives you free spins with a 3x multiplier. There is no fixed number of spins. Instead, you keep getting free games until Dr Doom shows up on the 5th reel. You might get 1 spin, or you might get 50 spins before that happens, it depends on your luck.


Betting options and jackpots

The 25 paylines offered mean for the player that 25 coins bets need to be made, at least by the players that want to cover all the lines and insure a maximum chance of getting a paying combo. The range of the coin’s value goes from $0.01 to $5, turning the maximum bet into a $125 investment for a single spin.

In exchange, you can expect 5,000 coins from the best combo the game has to offer. It might mean as much as $25,000, if you’ve used the $5 coins that round. Three Marvel progressive jackpots are also available, but they are won at random, once the spin ends. The game symbols don’t influence them in any way.

Design and symbols

You will find in Fantastic Four all the heroes of this popular comic, from Mr. Fantastic, to Human Torch, The Thing or Invisible Woman. In typical Marvel fashion, the slot borrows graphics from the real world comic book, so you can expect the quality to be top notch. Marvel licensed slots are always a lot of fun to play, and this title is no different. Unfortunately, they also use playing card icons among their symbols, truly disappointing for a game of this caliber.

Symbols: Mr Fantastic / The Invisible Woman / Human Torch / The Thing / Dr Doom (wild symbols, 5,000x), Logo (scatter, 100x the triggering wager), DNA Strand (1,500x), Fantastic Four Headquarters (500x), F4 Car (250x), Beaker (250x), Ace (150x), King (150x), Queen (125x), Jack (125x), Ten (100x) and Nine (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

There is no doubt about that, Fantastic Four can be a lot of fun, not to mention profitable when it comes to its free spins and multipliers that are anywhere between 2x and 10x. When you add the Marvel licensed theme and the great design, you have a game that is truly worthy of your attention.

Fantastic Four, the Comic Book

The name “Fantastic Four” refers in the Marvel universe to a group of four superheroes, working together against villains. The date of the first appearance of this comic book is November 1961. It’s the first comic book from Marvel about a team of superheroes, as opposed to the usual lonely character. The two creators that put the basis of this comic book were Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

As for the four members of the team, they all got their superpowers as a result of a mission in outer space (yes, they were heroes and astronauts even before this), where they got hit by cosmic rays. The leader is Mister Fantastic, with the ability to stretch and reach huge lengths with his body. Invisible Woman does what the name suggests, but more than that, she can also project force fields. Human Torch can surround himself in fire and fly around. The Thing has endurance and superhuman strength.

You will find Fantastic Four at any online casino which chooses to use software from Cryptologic, playable either for free or for real money.