Fat Cat Slots

Fat-CatFat Cat is the story of a very rich cat, a game that was created by Cryptologic. They took the term “fat cat”, which means a rich guy, and they used it quite literally, creating a fat cat that is also rich, with a butler and a pretty lady cat on his arm, with mountains of gold being spread behind the reels, with private helicopters and jets in the sky. It’s not an attractive slot though, not with those graphics, and it’s a shame since the idea behind the theme has merit.

Fat Cat’s 9 paylines are found on 5 reels, a common setup these days, especially among the older Cryptologic titles. Since the top payout gets you only $25,000 and the list of options has only a scatter and a wild on it, you will not get out of this game as much as you would from other titles offered by this developer.

Features of Fat Cat

With a bonus game, a scatter and a wild, Fat Cat doesn’t give the player enough to keep him interested with features alone.

First of all, you will see Fat Cat in the wild role. He’s big, he’s purple and he has a gold chain around his neck. You can’t miss him. His ability as a wild allows him to substitute for any of the other symbols, the only exception being the Dollar Sign scatter. The wild is also the top jackpot trigger, the prize being worth 5,000 coins if you have all five positions of a line with the Fat Cat on them. Even only one wild will bring you a small prize though (2 coins), plus there is always the chance it will help you form a new combo.

The Gold Dollar Sign is the scatter, and also the trigger for a bonus game. As the scatter, you can count on it giving out prizes that are worth up to 100 times the bet you made, and all you need is for five Dollar Signs to be on the screen.


Bonus Game

3+ Dollar Signs, scattered in random positions, constitute the minimum requirement that will get the bonus game started. Two rows of money bags are displayed, and you are asked to pick up to 1000x the bet with each choice you make. You keep picking until you see what all the money bags have inside. While other games have some sort of trigger to stop you, like getting a Collect message, this bonus game gives you everything it’s got, and I love that.


Betting options and jackpots

A smaller number of lines doesn’t mean just fewer chances to win, but also smaller wagers. In this case, you can only get up to $45 with the bet, where the 9 lines receive 9 coins of $5. The smallest coin denomination allowed in your wagers is $0.01, plus you get the option to use fewer coins (though that will activate fewer lines).

Get the right combo on one of those 9 active lines, and you can expect a 5,000 coins payout from Fat Cat, its value reaching $25,000 with the right denomination.

Design and symbols

Fat Cat is themed around a very rich cat, a purple colored character, with sunglasses and a big gold chain around his neck. He has a dog butler, a Kitty Cat girl on his arm and more money than he could spend in a lifetime (though he’s trying hard). The design is either about this Fat Cat or about his lifestyle and the various forms in which money can be had.

Symbols: Fat Cat (wild, 5,000x), Kitty Cat (2,000x), Butler (750x), Riches (500x), Money Bag (500x), Dollar Sign (100x), Ace or King (250x), Queen or Jack (200x) and 10 or 9 (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

This slot might not have great looking graphics (they’re pretty bad actually), or a lot of prizes, but you can at least find inside an interesting bonus feature, with even better payouts (up to 1,000x triggering bet for each of the 8 picks) than the top jackpot.

This Fat Cat slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.