Football Frenzy Slots

Football-FrenzyFootball Frenzy is one of those sports themed slots that Americans might not get, but which will prove to be popular pretty much everywhere else in the world. I’m talking about a slot machine designed around the sport of football (the one called soccer by Americans), loved and watched by billions whenever a World Cup event comes around. This seems to be based on one of those World Cups, in a match between two of the teams that compete for the title of world champion.

This 5 reel/25 bet line slot machine comes from Cryptologic and it is full of interesting features and bonus rounds, with scatter or wild symbols appearing regularly, bringing you free games and multipliers when they do. The jackpot is a good one at $40,000, but I’ve seen even bigger ones from this developer in the past.

Features of Football Frenzy

Football Frenzy seems to want to cover all the usual feature categories, but in typical Cryptologic fashion, it doesn’t surprise and it doesn’t bring you anything truly great. You get wild and scatter symbols, plus the usual result of their appearance, meaning free spins and multipliers.

The Logo is the one acting as a substitute, with an image of the Football Frenzy icon being accompanied by the flags of 10 countries that take part in the World Cup event. A quick look will show you the flags of England, France, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, Italy, Australia and Germany. This wild is a feature that allows you to form more combinations than you would normally get, with the help of a symbol capable of substituting for regular symbols. If it’s on a line with other matching icons, it takes the same role as those icons and a new combo is formed.

Free Games Feature

The Football, coming at you at full speed, is the representative of the scatter symbol, another important part of this game. It doesn’t seem to offer prizes of its own, something we’ve gotten used to seeing in a scatter, but instead you get a bonus round feature started up with its help. The simple presence of three footballs on the screen will trigger that bonus game, and since they are scatters, their exact position isn’t important.

This bonus round consists of 8 free games and a 2x multiplier applied to all their wins. At the same time, you also get a football game of sorts going on. If you get a flag symbol with the home team on the 1st reel, then a goal is scored by them. The opponents have their own flag, and they score when its symbol appears on the 5th reel. Get a 3rd reel shootout symbol, and you get goals from both teams. For each goal scored, you get 1x the triggering bet as a prize. At the end of the bonus game, the Home Team winning triggers a 2x multiplier for the payout.

The symbols used for Home team, Opponent and Shootout are used as wilds for the duration. The match needs a winner, so if at the end of the free spins there is a tie, the player gets extra spins (up to 50 free spins possible this way).


Betting options and jackpots

The maximum selectable coins in Football Frenzy is 25, a number that is identical with the number of lines (no coincidence). You get to use 1 coin per line, so using fewer coins will activate fewer paylines. It’s not the recommended way to go, but that’s one method to reduce the bet value. Another would be to use a denomination for the coins that allows you to spend within your budget. You can do that within the $0.01 to $20 range, meaning that those maxing out the wager can reach $500 (25 coins of $20).

Since coins can get so expensive, the 2,000 coins offered by the jackpot can mean a big prize for you, up to $40,000 cash.

Design and symbols

The theme being the sport of football, all the elements of the design are focused on it. The background is one of the huge stadiums that a World Cup match takes place in. You will see the flags of Germany and England at the top of the stadium, with the game logo between them. The reels are below, covering a large portion of the screen, but still allowing you to see the huge crowds that have come to cheer on their favorites. The symbols have their share of playing cards, but they also have a lot of football related images on them.

Symbols: Logo (wild), Football (scatter), Gold Trophy (2,000x), Fans (1,000x), Girl in Football Bikini (500x), Tickets (400x), England Scarf (250x), Ace (150x), King (125x), Queen (125x), Jack (100x) and Ten (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

If you enjoy a football game once in a while, Football Frenzy will be the kind of slot you want to go after. It’s fun for someone passionate about the sport, but it will not be an interesting title for anyone else. It doesn’t have the features or the prizes to make it a universally enjoyable title.

Football Frenzy can be found at any Cryptologic casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.