Forbidden Fruit Slots

Forbidden-FruitForbidden Fruit is one of those classic slot machines where the fruit symbols are predominant. There are two types of symbols you will notice here, the fruit and the Bar icons. This kind of slot was quite popular a few decades ago, found not just in casinos but in pubs from around the world. You can still find them in many countries, but they tend to look better and they are digital, instead of the mechanical ones that were used by so many in the past.

This being a classic title, you will find that Cryptologic hasn’t placed any kind of features in it. You get a typical 3 reel configuration, with a limit of 5 lines that you can activate. You also get to play with a $5,000 prize on the line.

Features of Forbidden Fruit

The classic nature of the slot means that you don’t get any kind of feature from it. Though some titles will have at least a wild symbol, sometimes also a multiplier, the creators wanted to give you the real experience of the fruit slot machine, so they kept things simple.

Betting options and jackpots

The 5 paylines of Forbidden Fruit require the use of an identical number of coins. Use fewer coins, and you get fewer active lines. There is another way of varying the exact bet value, besides using a smaller number of coins. That would be the use of a denomination that is anywhere in the range of $0.01 to $5. You get to use up to $25 per spin, if you can afford it.

Those that invest all five coins can get 1,000 coins back from the top combo, with about 200 coins of that amount being a bonus offered because all the coins were selected. The use of 1 to 4 coins only gets you up to 800 coins from the best combo. In cash, the jackpot is worth $5,000 ($5 coins).

Design and symbols

Even the title tells you that this is a fruit themed slot machine. You get more than half of the symbols with fruits on them, while the others are also classics. There isn’t much of a theme going on, the background being an abstract purple. The theme is only visible in the symbols used, so in every other way it’s a simple classic slot.

Symbols: Apple (1,000x), Banana (100x), Cherries (50x), Plum (30x), Three Bar (30x), Two Bar (20x) and Bar (10x).

Is It Worth Playing?

The only way you will enjoy this game is if you’re a fan of fruit slot machines in general. Its lack of features and average prizes don’t make it a favorite, only a way to spend some time if you enjoy this kind of game.

This Forbidden Fruit slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.