Fruit Fight 25c Slots

Fruit-Fight-1€Fruit Fight is a boxing themed slot machine, with a pretty heavy classic influence in it. Though it masks as a classic slot, because of the number of reels and lines available, the features it provides are a bit more modern than you might expect. You’re going to find two other identical slots from this developer, each one with a different wager amount usable inside. This one is the cheapest of the three, requiring only $0.25 per spin to play.

Fruit Fight 25c is one of three identical games from Cryptologic, each one with its own fixed wager. This one, just like the others, has 3 reels and 1 payline. It has the same 2,000x multiplier for a prize, but in this case it translates into $500. There is also a scatter symbol acting as a bonus round trigger.

Features of Fruit Fight 25c

The bonus games triggered by scatters and the Nudge system are the only two features you will find, but two is already a lot for a game of this type.

The KO symbol is the scatter that triggers the bonus games for you. You can get it either in scattered mode, in which case you will get the Super KO bonus round, or you can get this symbol on the same active line, which would be a trigger for Super Heavy Weight bonus game. Either way, you need three KO symbols to be present, the difference is only in the way they are arranged (or not).

The other major feature offered is called a Nudge. You can get 1 to 4 nudges during each round, and these are used to help you get some extra paying combinations. The Nudge is an option to move one of the reels by one position, the direction of movement being down. You choose which reels you want moved, and I suggest you pay attention to the symbols already present, as you can use the nudges to form new combinations, since this will change the way the symbols are arranged.


Betting options and jackpots

You don’t need much to get a spin started in this version of Fruit Fight. It’s the cheapest of the three slot machines, requiring a $0.25 investment each round, the equivalent of one fixed value coin for the only payline available.

That $0.25 bet is enough to get you $500 back, if you’re lucky, since the top jackpot offers a 2,000x multiple of the line bet. It’s the same multiplier in all the games from the series, but the wager varies, and that’s why the top jackpot is the lowest one here.

Design and symbols

Mixing boxing and classic symbols inside, Fruit Fight 25c is about a boxer that seems to be a bit out of it. He sits in a corner and looks like he’s got a KO to work through. There are a few bonus round ladders displayed on the right side, next to him. The overall design style is not that great, and even the ring girl looks a bit worn out because of the way the drawings were made.

Symbols: KO (bonus), Ring Alarm (2,000x), Stars (400x), Red 7 (40x), Blue 7 (20x), Yellow 7 (12x), Cherry Style Boxing Gloves (8x) and Three Mixed 7s (8x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Being the cheapest of the three Fruit Fight games, it’s the one that has the least risk attached, but also the smallest reward. Feature wise it does great, with options inside that even classics with features don’t have usually.

This Fruit Fight 25c slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.