Fruit Fight 50c Slots

Fruit-Fight-1€Fruit Fight 50c is a Cryptologic boxing themed slot machine, with more than a few parts of it looking like they’re influenced by some sort of classic heritage. The boxing theme is quite visible, especially if you look at the boxer on the floor, or the ring girl telling you the round number. There are three identical games with this title, the wager size being the only one different. In this case, you get a 50 cent wager, like the name mentions.

In Fruit Fight 50c, you will discover a game with only 3 reels and 1 payline, something that would be classified as a classic. It’s not a full classic though, not with the bonus round scatter and the nudge feature available inside. You can expect a $1,000 prize out of the game, from the best combo possible.

Features of Fruit Fight 50c

Having two bonus games is rare enough in a 3 reel title, but when you add the Nudge system as well, you get a slot that’s different from any you might be used to.

The Nudge system gives you an extra chance to form winning combinations. The rounds can come with their own nudges (1 to 4 nudges, when they are awarded). You can see how many you get on the right side of the screen, right above the knocked out boxer). The nudge can be used to move a reel by one position, in a down direction. Changing the position for the symbols, one going off screen and a new one coming in on the top spot, means that new combinations can be formed with the help of these nudges.

The other part of the feature system is the bonus round trigger. The same bonus symbol can get you one of two bonus games. One is offered when the KO symbol is occupying the same payline with three symbols, the bonus game being called Super Heavy Weight. When the bonus symbols are truly scattered, the bonus game is called Super KO.


Betting options and jackpots

The middle range slot from the three titles with the same action but with three different wagers, Fruit Fight 50c requires a $0.50 bet per spin, just as the name suggests. It’s a fixed denomination coin that you can’t change in any way. The game makes it easy for you in that respect, since all you have to do is spin the reels.

The reward for that $0.50 bet is a 2,000x multiple, which in this case means $1,000. It’s a reward that is fixed in value, so you can’t modify the bet amount.

Design and symbols

The game has a design that might remind you of a pub slot at first, when you look at the symbols, but if you check out the rest of the design and the features, it looks more like a mix between a modern and an old game. You get a few features, with the bonus games triggered with the help of their own symbol, and with the bonus ladders visible at all times and taking about half of the screen. It’s a pretty weak design though and those graphics aren’t going to impress anyone.

Symbols: KO (scatter/bonus round trigger), Ringer Alarm (2,000x), Blue Star (400x), Red 7 (40x), Blue 7 (20x), Yellow 7 (12x), Cherry Gloves (8x) and Mixed Sevens (8x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s just as interesting to play and fun as the other two titles from the series. It’s also the middle of the road wager and payout wise, and it can still get you $1,000.

This Fruit Fight 50c slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.