Golden Jaguar Slots

Golden-JaguarGolden Jaguar’s theme is inspired by the civilization of the Aztecs, which lived in South America for a long time, but which are extinct right now. They did leave behind plenty of signs of their passing through, with Aztec pyramids, stone idols and pottery being some of the things that are shown in the symbols and the background images of the game. You will find that there is no shortage of Aztec themed slots out there, lost civilizations being topics that developers seem to enjoy getting inspiration from.

The 5 reels of Golden Jaguar play host to up to 50 paylines, a big number that should bring you plenty of chances to win the $6,000 jackpot. Among the features found inside, you will discover the ever popular free spins with multipliers, plus wild symbols and scatters.

Features of Golden Jaguar

You will find both scatter and wild symbols inside, but they don’t come alone. A bonus round with free games and random multipliers is a result of the scatter’s appearance, and it’s a great feature to have around.

Probably the most common feature you can find these days in modern slots, the wild symbol is present in Golden Jaguar. It actually looks like a golden jaguar, a predator of South America. Here, it is adorned with tribal drawings and colored mainly in gold, with red and light blue for decoration purposes. The substitution ability of the wild allows it to be of great help to players that try this game, being the trigger for paying combinations that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. On top of that, you can also get paid with its help, as the wild can form a combo of its own, with just wilds in it.

You get a scatter as well in Golden Jaguar. The symbol is marked Bonus and it has a gold idol head in the middle. As a scatter, it is capable of appearing in a random position multiple times, and offering a prize based on the total number of symbols rather than using their exact position. The prize in this case is not cash based, but rather a trigger for a bonus feature. You can only get this scatter on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels.

Free Games Feature

You only have three scatter symbols in this game, and you need all three to be present on their own reels, if you want to get into the free games feature. This bonus round gives you 7 free spins, which might seem low at first, at least until you find out what kind of multipliers they come with. The multiplier is awarded at random, the values being 8x, 5x, 4x, 3x or 2x. You don’t know which one you’re going to get, though you know you have 7 free games to enjoy them.

Retriggering the free games is a possibility, with the same three scatters, and you can do it up to 13 times. Including the original trigger, that means you can get as many as 98 free spins in Golden Jaguar.


Betting options and jackpots

Games with 50 lines tend to be very expensive to play, since you usually pay twice what a 25 line game would cost. In this case, you are only required to use up to $2 coins, instead of the usual $5, so it’s quite cheap. The bet goes up to $100 when all the coins are used, selecting all the paylines. The smallest denomination available for the coins is $0.01.

You can get a 3,000 coins top payout from Golden Jaguar, which should be an adequate reward for the number of paylines you activate with your wager, and the amount you spend each round. The $2 coin insures a $6,000 cash value for that jackpot.

Design and symbols

The Aztec theme means that you get plenty of artifacts of this civilization, things they’ve left behind and now are used as symbols in the game. The Aztec pyramids are also visible in the background image, which shows how impressive humans can be. The reels look like they are made out of some sort of brick like material, with the color of the sand and with various drawings on them, visible beneath the symbols.

Symbols: Golden Jaguar (wild, 750x), Bonus Idol (scatter), Aztec Warrior (500x), Aztec Princess (500x), Stone Idol (250x), Stone Mask (250x), Book (200x), Ceramic Pottery (200x), Ace or King (125x), Queen/Jack/Ten (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The Aztec theme is not that unique, there are a lot of slots out there using it, but the way they’ve approached the features does make a difference in this case, the game being quite fun to play.

This Golden Jaguar slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.