Green Lantern Slots

Green-LanternGreen Lantern is the sort of game you don’t want to miss, a title that Cryptologic designed under official license from DC Comics. Since DC Comics is involved, you can probably guess what it’s all about. This is a comic book themed slot machine, the main character of which is Green Latern, one of the superheroes from the DC Comics universe. There were comics, cartoons and movies created with Green Lantern as inspiration, and now you get a slot machine as well, and a very good one at that.

A slot that has 50 bet lines placed on its 5 reels, Green Lantern is feature rich, providing the player with free games, multipliers, bonus rounds, scatters and wilds, not to mention one of the best prizes I’ve seen lately. Its top jackpot will give some very lucky player up to $400,000.

Features of Green Lantern

If there is one thing I love about Green Lantern, it would be the wealth of features and rewards that were built into it. It’s a game that has seen a lot of work put into it in this area, with free games, bonus rounds, multipliers, scatters, wilds and bonus bets all present in it.

Though an important part of the game, Green Lantern is a hero that is reserved for the 2nd and 4th reels, so it seems limited when compared with what other wild symbols can get you. Luckily, the wild has a multiplier of 2x, doubling prizes it contributes to. Even though you don’t get as many chances to form new combinations with its help, at least you win twice as much when you do get one.

The ring, worn by Green Lantern, can act as a scatter and a bonus symbol. You get two identical ring symbols here, but one of them has the word Bonus (pink border), the other has the word Scatter (green border). Getting two to five identical scatter symbols in any position will trigger for you a prize, as a total bet multiple (up to 100x).

The Bonus Bet is another feature of Green Lantern, which when triggered takes the bet to 60 coins instead of 50, maximizing the wager and bringing with it an extra bonus game (The Ring Feature).

The Ring Feature

You can only gain access to this particular bonus game when the Bonus Bet is used, plus you have to get 3+ scattered ring symbols on the screen. Though they normally offer prizes and nothing more, with the Bonus Bet you can get the Ring Feature as well.

In this bonus round, you see Sinestro challenging Green Lantern to the Power Duel. The two fight and energy beams coming from their rings go out and clash. If Green Lantern manages to take down Sinestro, up to 100x the bet is the value of the prize won. If Sinestro wins, you get a smaller amount, based on the distance that the green beam has reached.

Lantern Free Games

The second feature of the slot offers you free games. You can get 24 free spins, as long as Green Lantern is on both the 2nd and 4th reels, while Battery is on the 3rd reel.

Getting Green Lantern to act as a wild and help form a new combo, will quadruple the prize. This only happens during free spins.

Whenever you see Battery appear on the reels, an extra wild will be placed on the 2nd and 4th reels, for the remaining number of free spins. Unfortunately, you can’t retrigger this feature.


Betting options and jackpots

Green Lantern can be one of the most expensive slots to play, requiring wagers in the range of $0.01 to $1,200. Everyone can afford to play it, but if you want a chance at the biggest prize possible, you will have to use coins of up to $20. With the 50 coins of the original bet, plus the 10 coins of the Bonus Bet, that means up to $1,200 for a spin.

The reward is very good though, a 20,000 coins payout that can become $400,000 cash if the largest coin denomination was selected. There is no progressive jackpot in this slot from DC Comics, but the prizes are better than the ones from games licensed from Marvel.

Design and symbols

The Green Lantern theme is unmistakable, and you will find the green color pretty much everywhere you look. From the outline of most symbols, to the green borders around the reels or the betting options, green is everywhere. It’s not unpleasant though, despite the heavy use of that color. The background image gives us a scene with helicopters and buildings demolished by the conflict between Green Lantern and his enemies. The use of comic book images also helps the design.

Symbols: Green Lantern (wild), Ring (scatter), Sinestro (10,000x), Battery (2,000x), Fist (500x), Green Lantern flying (500x), Ace/King (250x), Queen/Jack (200x) and Ten or Nine (150x).


Is It Worth Playing?

You might be used with Marvel comics slots by now, but I suggest you give this DC Comics title a try as well. It has superior prizes, more features and the graphics are just as good.

Green Lantern Comics

Appearing as the main character in a comic book from DC Comics, Green Lantern is a superhero that gets his powers from a ring. The original character was launched in 1940. His name was Alan Scott and he used his ring to fight New York’s criminals.

The comic book was launched again in 1959, with the name of the character behind Green Lantern being Hal Jordan. He is part of Green Lantern Corps, an agency of law enforcement that works at an interstellar level. There are about 10 Green Lanterns overall, half of which are non-human.

The series had movies made based on it, plus video games and TV series.

The Green Lantern slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.