Haunted House Slots

Haunted-HouseHaunted House is a typical Halloween inspired slot, with the developer’s name being Cryptologic. The haunted mansion is a classic motif in these games, the scary house with a cemetery next to it that you’re afraid to go into. From black cats, to spiders, ghosts, bats and vampires, this slot has it all. Even a few furniture pieces from inside the house are present among the symbols, something that few slots bother with, most of them simply showing the outside and the scary creatures.

You get a standard combination of 5 reels and 20 lines in Haunted House. The game’s designed is Cryptologic, while the prize they offer inside is at $25,000. Features are not as rich as in other titles of theirs, with two symbols being present (wild and scatter) but no additional powers coming with them.

Features of Haunted House

You will find an average list of extras in Haunted House. It does have its own bonus game, but the scatter and the wild are not that special, offering the minimum you expect from them and nothing more.

The two main symbols, the scatter and the wild, offer the best prizes. They are very simple features though, both of them offering prizes but other than that you can’t expect anything from them. You don’t get access to the bonus round even, as that part is done differently. The scatter symbol’s prizes go from 1x to 100x the wager, and the requirement is for a certain number of symbols to be randomly placed on the reels.

The wild’s payouts are better, going as high as 5,000 coins, but its symbols need to be on the same payline, not scattered on the reels. On the other hand, the wild is also capable of substituting for symbols, which should mean more payouts for you. Overall, I’d say the wild is the winner in this case, you can’t argue with a 5,000 coins jackpot. The Haunted Mansion gets this particular role.

Haunted House Feature

You will notice that some symbols that appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 will get a red border around them. This is how the bonus game gets triggered, by getting a minimum of three symbols with red borders on those three reels. Next, you will find that each red border icon becomes a House, which is the wild symbol. When that happens, the payouts are calculated again, and hopefully the 3+ wilds brought by the bonus game will mean better prizes.


Betting options and jackpots

The slot’s coins have a range of $0.01 to $5, and you are free to select any of the values from within it, when you’re creating your wager. You can also select as many paylines as you want, as long as you know that each one requires a one coin wager. With 20 lines and $5 coins, the maximum bet is worth $100.

You will find that 5,000 coins are awarded to the player that gets the five symbol combo with the Haunted House on it. It can mean a $25,000 top prize, if the line bet was at $5.

Design and symbols

The design is cartoon style, inspired by horror stories, but looking funnier than anything else. You get a bunch of objects and creatures that should be scary, in theory at least, but they end up being funny and adorable thanks to the way the designer approached the game. Some people prefer their scary slots to be horror like, while others prefer the comedy aspect of the Adams Family. This slot is planted firmly in the latter category.

Symbols: Haunted House (wild, 5,000x), Doorway (scatter, 100x the triggering wager), Ghost (2,500x), Mummy (1,000x), Vampire (500x), Owl (500x), Black Cat (200x), Bat (200x), Rocking Chair (150x), Chandelier (150x), Spider (100x), Ball and chains (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Haunted House is the kind of slot that will put a smile on your face, which is rare enough these days, so I’d say it deserves its chance. It should be a great choice for Halloween, though if you try to compare it with other modern titles it might not make the cut.

You will find Haunted House at any online casino which chooses to use software from Cryptologic, playable either for free or for real money.