High Noon Slots

High-NoonHigh Noon is a Wild West themed slot machine, but at the same time it’s a classic title with only 3 reels, so you can’t expect that much from it. The design is good in two small areas, the ones where the game is themed around the Wild West. I’m talking about the paytable and the reel area, both of which have in the background or around them an image that looks just right for a game with this topic. This particular theme seems to be a favorite of many, so I was glad to see it here as well.

The action in High Noon takes place on a small number of paylines, only 3 of them available on the 3 reels. Cryptologic gives us yet another classic slot machine in this game, a category that is considered a minority in their collection. They also give out up to $5,000 in prizes, but feature wise the game has nothing to offer.

Features of High Noon

The slot’s features are pretty much non-existent. The classic slot category is about 50/50 with games that either have one or two features, or have none. This is one of those simple titles that don’t have a feature symbol attached.

Betting options and jackpots

The full betting range of High Noon goes from $0.01 to $15, using 1 to 3 coins of denominations you get to choose. The range of the coin value is from $0.01 to $5. It’s a good idea to always use all three coins offered, since that gives you a bonus when you win the top jackpot.

There are 1,000 coins ($5,000) on the line in High Noon, a prize that is available for three symbols with the Sheriff Star, all on the same line and during a round with a 3 coin wager. If only one or two coins were used, you get fewer lines active and the prize is just 800 coins ($4,000).

Design and symbols

The Wild West design is attractive, though it is limited to just two small areas of the screen. One is the area where the reels are placed, while the other is the paytable. Both are on the same screen, since this is a classic slot. The outside area gives you the look of a pub slot, with buttons you can push and displays you can look at to figure out how much you’ve won.

Symbols: Sheriff Star (1,000x), Colt Pistols (200x), Cowboy Hat (60x), Three Bar (30x), Two Bar (15x), One Bar (10x) and Horseshoe (10x).

Is It Worth Playing?

If you enjoy a good Western movie and you also prefer your games simple and without too many complications, play High Noon. I’m sure you will enjoy it, even as simple as it is.

This High Noon slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.