Horns and Halos Slots

Horns-HalosHorns & Halos is one of those games where you’re just wondering what were the developers smoking when they thought this one up. It’s not a bad game, don’t get me wrong, it’s just so unusual that it becomes a must try title. The Heaven and Hell theme is represented in the title, with Horns and Halos being the two parts of the game. You get two sets of 3 reels in it, each one with 4 symbols. You pick one of the two sides to fight alongside, and you get rewarded based on what appears on your reels.

It’s a 3 reels game that has no less than 15 paylines on them. Though the number of reels might suggest it, this is not a classic title. It’s more modern than anything else, with multiple features that include scatter symbols, wilds and free spins.

Features of Horns and Halos

The game is unusual and fun enough to play on its own, so when you also get a few good features to help out, including free games, wilds and scatters, it just gets better and better.

The game starts with the selection you make, between the Horns and the Halos. That will be your side going forward, so pick the one you prefer. Each part of the game has its own theme (one Heavenly, the other Hellish) and its own symbols acting as scatter symbols or as wilds.

The wild symbols are represented by the Devil on the Horns side, and by the Angel on the Halos side. They are reserved for the 2nd reel of the 3 reel set, so they are somewhat limited. They also don’t have anything extra to offer, so you don’t get multipliers from them.

There are scatter symbols as well, but they are not the regular kind. Instead of getting three or more symbols with scatter abilities and triggering a bonus game, here you have to collect the scatter symbols, in multiple rounds. Once you get 10 scatters collected, you get free spins from them. The Heavens Gate is a scatter in Halos mode, while Gates of Hell are reserved for the Horns side.


Betting options and jackpots

Each payline that gets activated in this slot needs a single coin, but the value of that coin is the one that can vary considerably. It might start at just $0.01, but you are allowed to take it up to $20, meaning that you can end up placing a $300 wager for a single spin.

You get 1,000 coins out of Horns and Halos, given the right combo of symbols on one of the 15 lines. You could end up with $20,000 cash, but only if the wager for the round was large enough.

Design and symbols

The design is one of the things that sets this game apart from the rest. It has the 3 reels of a classic title, but it’s actually a modern game where you get two separate sets of reels. The three reels with Hell inspired symbols and graphics are on the left, while the Heaven reels are on the right side. The background changes, depending on the side you chose to play with, showing you the gates of Hell or Heaven. The overall look is a good one, but if you take a close look at the symbols you will not be impressed with their quality.


Symbols: Angel/Devil (wild), Heaven Gate/Hell Gate (scatter), Angel Baby/Demon Baby (1,000x), Angel Statue/Winged Demon Statue (100x), Eros Bow/Electric Guitar (50x), Harp/Trident (50x), Ace (15x), King (15x), Queen (10x), Jack (10x), 10 (5x) and 9 (5x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game is unusual enough, yet well thought out, that I have no doubt that you will want to give it a chance. It might look like it’s classic inspired, but it’s far from a simple game.

You will find Horns and Halos at any online casino which chooses to use software from Cryptologic, playable either for free or for real money.