Iron Man Slots

Iron-ManA Cryptologic slot machine that was created under an official Marvel license, Iron Man gives you the superhero of the comic book that has the same name, and it does it in style. It uses images taken from that comic book, meaning that you’re definitely going to enjoy your time while you’re playing it. Iron Man is more of a man made superhero, Tony Stark being the character behind it. He’s a billionaire and an inventor, using an advanced battle suit to fight evil wherever he finds it. It’s quite different from most of the superheroes you see these days, since all the others benefit from some kind of power. Tony Stark has only his brains to rely on.

Giving you 5 reels plus 25 potential paylines to activate, Iron Man is a game with up to $30,000 in prizes, plus a combo of scatter and wild symbols, with a bonus game included on top. Marvel progressive jackpots are available, as they usually are in games licensed by them.

Features of Iron Man

You get an average amount of action from the list of features, unfortunate since the graphics are quite good. The bonus game, a scatter symbol and a wild are the ones that are available.

Iron Man is a pretty cool looking costume, and you get to see it up-close in the wild symbol. The role it has allows it to substitute for various regular icons of the game, meaning that when it’s in the right position it will help you form a new combo, which otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten. There is only one symbol that the wild can’t help you with, and that’s the scatter symbol. You will find that the Iron Man wild is also the best paying symbol, forming combos of its own when it appears multiple times on an active line, with payouts going up to 6,000 coins.

The Iron Man Logo is not as impressive looking as the wild is, but you can still count on it to give you some decent prizes, and it will do it from random locations instead of having to show up on a single line. Two to five scattered Logos will get you between 2x and 100x the amount you’ve wagered that spin.

Bonus Game

A cash prize isn’t the only thing you can expect from the scatter though. You can also get a bonus game trigger with its help, when 3+ Logos appear. The feature shows you Iron Man, as he’s hovering in front of an office building. You pick the windows of the rooms where you think the blueprints might be in, and Iron Man blasts them. If he finds the blueprint, you get a prize. You can select up to 5 windows, so up to 5 big prizes can be won, the maximum being 250x the bet. If you don’t locate a blueprint, you get a consolation prize.


Betting options and jackpots

The betting range in Iron Man is $0.01 to $125. The maximum bet is composed of 25 coins, one per active line, each one set at the maximum denomination of $5. The lowest denomination possible is $0.01.

In exchange for your hard earned money, Iron Man can give you up to 6,000 coins as the top jackpot. It can mean a $30,000 prize for you, as long as the $5 denomination was used. The three Marvel progressive prizes are the same ones you will find in every comic book themed slot of theirs, offering a decent amount but at random. There is no influence from the game and its symbols.

Design and symbols

Marvel licensed games tend to look very good, which is not that difficult since they have the advantage of the comic book graphics. You will find the images from the Iron Man comic in this slot machine, and that means very good quality for the symbols and a background picture with some sort of conflict going on in a city. You will notice the three progressive jackpots displayed on the left side.

Symbols: Iron Man (wild, 6,000x), Logo (scatter, 100x triggering wager), Tony Stark (2,000x), Power Armor Villain (750x), White Haired Guy (500x), Palm Beam (500x), Stark Enterprises HQ (200x), Yacht (200x), Suitcase (125x), Blueprints (125x), Cash (100x) and Whiskey Glass (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Iron Man is one of the favorite comic books for a lot of people, not because it’s a superhero, but because its hero is just a very smart guy and an engineer, that has a knack for building cool grownup toys. The theme and the design are its strong suits, plus the progressive jackpots. It’s average when it comes to features or the top jackpot, but you will still want to try it out.

Iron Man, the Marvel Comic Book

Iron Man is the name of a character in a Marvel comic book, or more precisely of the power armor wearing hero that Tony Stark portrays while he’s protecting the world around him. The first time this character appeared was in 1963, in another comic book, called Tales of Suspense. Stan Lee, Don Heck, Jack Kirby and Larry Lieber are the names of the people that worked on this character initially.

Tony Stark, the character behind Iron Man, is a billionaire and an engineer, and he is the one that thought up this power suit and created it from scratch, in order to escape from captivity. He owns Stark Industries, a technology company that allows him to create all sorts of toys that he can use while he’s out fighting the bad guys.

He appeared in multiple movies and comic books. Iron Man, the movie, was released in 2008, with Robert Downey Jr. as the main character, and it found great success.

The Iron Man slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.