Jenga Slots

JengaOne of the more unusual slots that you will come across, Jenga was created by the guys from Cryptologic, and while doing so they cooperated with the company that offers this game in stores across the world. It’s a game that involves the use of blocks, 54 of them, which make up a tower. The players need to take out blocks from the tower, without toppling it. It’s both a mental and a physical game, one that isn’t easy to play and which has a lot of fans. It requires at least two players in real life, though obviously the slot version isn’t the same and only one player is needed.

Jenga doesn’t have reels like you are used to, though it does offer a total of 18 paylines. You can still win prizes from it, up to $1,000,000 actually, plus you can place your bets and you can take advantage of the various features that it includes. Among them, you will notice the free games, the scatter and the wild symbols.

Features of Jenga

The game is unusual enough on its own, so you don’t really feel that you need features to keep you on your toes. However, it does offer a couple of feature symbols, the scatter and the wild, with free games being offered on top.

In order to win at Jenga, you need to match a minimum of three blocks of the same color, on a layer of the tower. Each layer has its own payline number, so you have a total of 18 layers composing it. You can get three blocks on one line, or you can get multiple lines that are linked to each other.

The Magic Block is the one that is the equivalent of a wild symbol in this case. You can get a Magic Block appear, and they will transform at random the blocks around it, to a single color. I’m not sure that makes it a wild exactly, but it’s close enough considering how weird this game can get.

The Layer Bombs are also features, with the ability to destroy multiple layers and replace them with new ones. You can get a 2x, 4x or 8x layer bomb, which will destroy 2 to 8 layers. The new layers that come in give you an extra chance at a payout during the same round.

Free Games Feature

Even the way the free games are started is interesting. Whenever a winning combo gets formed, the symbols that compose it will be removed from the tower, and a new layer will be added on top. This can happen multiple times, until you get a tower that is too tall and falls down, triggering a free game.


Betting options and jackpots

You can play either 9 or 18 lines in the game, so there are only two choices to be made there, but you do have the option to modify the coin value as you see fit. The range for the coins is between $0.05 and $25, with the top wager going up to $450.

The best combo of blocks can only get you 100 coins, or $2,500, but when you add in the possibility of having multiple blocks linked together, you will find that it gets a lot more profitable. Each linked block gets you an extra 120 coins ($3,000), so the prize can go up quickly.

Design and symbols

The design is based on the real Jenga game, with an abstract blue image in the background, with various circles and blocks flickering in and out, trying to create a magical atmosphere around it. There is a tall tower with colorful blocks in it, placed in the middle of the screen. It doesn’t look anything like a real slot machine, there are no reels involved, only colored blocks. You get the various options and buttons on the two sides, but a very big part of the screen is occupied by the background picture.

Symbols: Magic Block (wild), Layer Bombs 2x, 4x and 8x (bonus symbols), Blue Block (100x), Silver Block (50x), Red Block (25x), Yellow Block (15x), Orange Block (5x), Green Block (2x) and Purple Block (1x).


Is It Worth Playing?

You might be a fan of the real Jenga already, or you might simply be looking for a new challenge. Either way, this slot machine will be a fun new experience, with potentially profitable results.

The Jenga slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.