Little Master Slots

Little-MasterLittle Master, from Cryptologic, is one of the 5 reel games designed by this developer, and it has as inspiration for its theme the Shaolin warriors that are so famous these days. Though movies did a lot to grow their reputation, the Shaolin warriors fully deserved it. Spending their entire lives trying to perfect their abilities and the martial arts in general, these Shaolin monks are now the topic of Little Master, a slot machine. It doesn’t rely only on realistic symbols though, with at least one image with a pig acting as a martial arts master.

With 5 reels, 25 paylines, a $100,000 jackpot and a very long list of features, Little Master proves to be a good addition to the Cryptologic slot line-up. It’s a modern game, and it shows in the various wilds, scatter symbols, free games and multipliers you will find inside. Add to that a couple of bonus features, and you get a winner.

Features of Little Master

With multiple bonus features, scatter symbols, wilds, free games and multipliers, you have every reason to try out Little Master. The game both looks good and doesn’t get boring too quickly.

Little Master (a baby dressed in an orange kimono and in a fighting stance) is the first wild symbol, in order of appearance in the game. You can get it on the 2nd reel only, while Grand Master (an old man with a cane, the image of a martial arts master) gets the 4th reel. These are both wild symbols, and on their own they do their best trying to help other combinations be formed, with their substitution powers. It’s not a feature I’m entirely happy about, not since there are only two reels occupied by them, plus there are no prizes and no multipliers available through them.

A hand punching through a stack of bricks, that’s what the scatter symbol looks like. Scattered symbols can appear in any position in the game, as long as there are at least two or three present in the same round. Their simple presence is enough to trigger a prize (2+ symbols) and a bonus feature (3+ symbols). The prizes reach 200x the wager of that round, which is a generous amount.

Grand Master Challenge

Though the two wild symbols don’t give you much, at least they can trigger a bonus game for you. They have to work together, with both Little Master and Grand Master wilds present on their own reels, in the same round.

You have to select one out of three challenges presented to you, and they will reveal how many free spins you’ve won. As many as 20 free games can be won this way, with 2x multipliers for all of them.

Little-Master-paytable 2

Challenge Feature

The second challenge feature that the game can trigger requires the scatter symbol on 3+ positions during a spin, and also showing up starting from the left. Inside, you have to select three out of five available challenges, and instant prizes are revealed. I’m not terribly happy about the way the scatter symbols have to be arranged, but at least there are two different bonus games you can get here.


Betting options and jackpots

The full betting range in Little Master is from $0.01 (the lowest coin denomination available) to $500 (using 25 coins and with the $20 maximum coin denomination). Both the number of lines and the denomination of the coins used for them can be modified as the player needs to. It can be a very expensive slot to play, or it can be a very cheap one, but keep in mind that the total prize value is influenced by the coin denomination.

You can get up to 5,000 coins out of the game’s best paying combo, which could mean $100,000 cash, or it could mean a lot less if the denomination was set to a low value.

Design and symbols

The martial arts and Shaolin theme that is used here doesn’t look that realistic, but it’s pleasant and fun to play in it nonetheless. The cartoon style brings in front of you not only the Little Master and the Grand Master, but also a pig practicing martial arts and a variety of weapons and objects that are of Chinese origin. Its reels are encased in a temple, out of which you only get to see the classic Chinese roof on top. There is a nice view in the background, with mountains, forests and birds all part of it.

Symbols: Little Master and Grand Master (wild symbols), Brick (scatter, 200x the wager), Martial Arts Pig (5,000x), Temple (3,000x), River (1,000x), Buckets of Water (500x), Swords (200x), Writing Utensils (200x), Boiling Water (150x), Scrolls (150x), Noodles (100x) and Chopsticks (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s an attractive slot, with the kind of design that you will appreciate, with an interesting collection of special features and with prizes that are valuable enough to get anyone interested.

This Little Master slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.