Love Bugs Slots

Love-BugsLove Bugs is one of those titles that looks it was designed with Valentines Day in mind. Filled with pink symbols and images of letters, flower bouquets, chocolates, perfumes and red hearts, Love Bugs has as its two main characters two real bugs, one of them a grasshopper, the other a lady bug. The background image, the one found all around the reels, is the one that brings the overall design down a notch, but otherwise it looks pretty good.

You will notice that there are only 9 paylines on Love Bugs’ 5 reels. The designed behind this slot is Cryptologic, a developer well known for its big prizes and for using a generous number of features. You don’t get the former here, the prize is average for them, but you have the latter, with multipliers, wilds, free games and scatters all part of the slot.

Features of Love Bugs

The slot’s not just a perfect title for someone in love, but also a game you will be able to play for hours thanks to its various special symbols, free games and multipliers.

Lady Bug and Love Bug, these are the names of the two characters that take on roles as wilds in the game. They each get their own reels, so they don’t get to stay together when they appear. They act as substitutes, each one on its own reel. You get Lady Bug on the 1st reel, while Love Bug gets the 5th reel. It’s not a bad place for a wild to be on, as the 1st reel insures that you get a better chance at forming a combo, especially with some combinations requiring only two symbols to pay something.

The read heart pillow, with Love written on it, is the other major feature of Love Bugs. I’m talking about the scatter symbol, a regular in most modern slot machines. The prizes offered through the Heart scatter go up to 100 times the bet you’ve made that round, with the minimum being 1x for two scatter symbols.

Free Games Feature

The bonus round that gets you the free spins is triggered with the help of the two wilds, each one appearing on its own reel in the same round. You don’t get them immediately though, as you first have to go through the bonus game. In it, you see bugs that try to catch prizes falling from the four bridges of the Venice Canal.

The Necklace prize, if caught, gets you 15 free spins, while Diamond Ring brings with it a 3x multiplier for all the prizes of the feature.


Betting options and jackpots

There are only two major choices to be made when it comes to the slot’s wagers. You get to select the number of active lines first, and that will tell you how many coins you will use (1 to 9 total). The second choice would be concerning the denomination of the coins involved, where the maximum is $5, while the minimum is $0.10. You can end up with a bet of up to $45, but that would be the absolute highest that the slot will go.

Your reward, for spinning the reels and placing bets in this game, consists in up to 5,000 coins. The denomination is the one that will decide the actual cash value, the maximum amount being $25,000 (for $5 coins).

Design and symbols

The theme choice and the idea behind it is pretty good, as are the various symbols used inside. There aren’t any boring playing cards here, it’s all about the two protagonists and the various love letters and gifts that the girl gets. The symbols are very well made, with plenty of details and vivid colors. The disappointment comes from the background image, a simple brown wall with lines of small hearts on it, which is too basic. With just one simple thing changed, the game’s design would’ve improved immensely.

Symbols: Lady Bug and Love Bug (wild symbols), Love Heart (scatter, 100x the bet), Gondola Ride (5,000x), Diamond Ring (1,000x), Violin (500x), Perfume Bottle (500x), Necklace (250x), Champagne (250x), Flowers (150x), Chocolate Box (150x) and Love Letter (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Play Love Bugs if you’re in love or if Valentines Day makes you want to try out slots that have this kind of theme, but the features and the prizes don’t recommend it as a game that you would want to play the rest of the year as well.

The Love Bugs slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.