Millionaires Club III Slots

Millionaires-Club-3Millionaires Club III might be the last game in the series with the same name, but it’s by far the best looking title that Cryptologic offered with this theme, dealing with a life of luxury, with toys that only millionaires can afford to own and awarding a progressive jackpot that can give you the opportunity to experience the same kind of life. From the diamonds that are visible everywhere, to the luxury cars, jewelry, concert tickets, mansions and sailboats, Millionaires Club III aims to impress with every symbol it includes.

The last of the three slots in the Millionaires Club series is also the one that looks best and has the largest number of paylines, up to 20 being selectable each round. This is a design from Cryptologic which has a few good features, including multipliers, scatters, bonus games and wilds. The progressive jackpot is the biggest prize, but the slot also has a secondary payout of its own, worth up to $80,000.

Features of Millionaires Club III

Though it impresses you at every turn, from the progressive jackpot you can win inside, to the luxurious design, Millionaires Club III is only about average when it comes to giving you a feature rich experience. You will locate scatter and wild symbols in the slot, plus you can get access to bonus rounds, but that’s about it.

A beautiful Mansion symbol is going to make appearances from time to time, and you have a good reason to smile whenever you see it. It’s going to be the slot’s wild symbol, the one that you can count on to work in your favor. As a wild, the Mansion is capable of substituting for the other symbols available inside, so whenever it is present there is a chance that some matching symbols located in its vicinity will be able to take advantage of its powers. You also get a decent payout from it, 4,000 coins being yours if you get a five wild combo to form.

The Logo of the game, with stacks of cash, gold coins and diamonds serving as a background, will take the role of the second important feature. I’m talking about the scatter symbol, the one that is capable of triggering either prizes or a bonus round, as long as the minimum number of Logos are present somewhere. 1x the bet is the reward for the minimum number of scatters (2), while 100x is offered when you have all five on the screen.

Bonus Feature

The bonus game requires the presence of the same scatter symbols that will give you prizes, and you need a minimum of three Logos present for this feature to start. Once inside, you will be asked to select various gemstones, with rewards consisting in strikes, prizes, multipliers and Jackpot tokens. You get to keep the prizes, plus you can get bigger ones if the multipliers get involved. The Jackpot round can also be triggered, but you need to collect three Jackpot tokens for that to happen.


Jackpot Round

This round is triggered when you collect three Jackpot tokens, while playing the bonus game. You get only one spin in this round, and it can send you to the next level, or it can give you a cash prize. You keep advancing to the next level, until you get to the third inner wheel, where the progressive jackpot can be won.

Betting options and jackpots

Though it can be an expensive slot to play, there are quite a few out there that require even bigger wagers than the $400 that this slot allows. The biggest wager of the game uses all 20 coins available, activating all the paylines in the process. It also uses the $20 coin denomination, which would be the largest one available. The smallest denomination sits at $0.01.

The 4,000 coins offered by the game directly require Mansion symbols, five of them on an active line. That can mean as much as $80,000, which by itself it would already be a good prize. Add to that a progressive jackpot that can give you half a million or more, and you will understand why it’s called Millionaires Club.

Design and symbols

This is by far the best looking slot from the Millionaires Club series. It appears to be a more recent addition to the Cryptologic line-up, with highly detailed symbols that actually look like they were created by someone with talent. Even the choice of symbols reflects better what the life of the rich is like, an example being the tickets to a Mozart concert. There are diamonds placed in silver leaf decorations all around the screen, which contribute significantly to the slot’s attractiveness.

Symbols: Mansion (wild, 4,000x), Logo (scatter, 100x the triggering wager), Sailboat (2,500x), Luxury Car (1,000x), Infinity Pool (500x), Pheasant (500x), Pearl Necklace (150x), Bracelet (150x), Money Clip (125x), Earrings (125x), Mozart Concert Tickets (100x) and Whiskey Glass (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

If you’re trying to decide which of the three games from the series is worth playing, I’d say that the third installment is the better looking one, and it manages to provide the best experience as well. It’s also the most expensive of the three, but only if you use the maximum bet.

The Millionaires Club III slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.