Rags to Riches 20 line Slots

Rags-to-Riches-20-lineRags to Riches 20 Line is the name of the second game from Cryptologic, in a series that started with a 3 reel/1 line classic. The 20 Line version has 5 reels, as you might expect, much better graphics and symbols that are actually related to the theme and what it promises you. The prizes get a whole lot better as well. The images shown here are a mix of things that you experience either in the “rags” state or in the “rich” phase. From the skateboard or the cardboard boxes, to the pictures with gold bars and expensive cigars or private islands for sale, the game has a nice mix of images that are related to the theme.

As the name mentions, the game has 20 lines. They are placed on 5 reels, while its predecessor used only 3. The prizes offered here are huge, truly taking you from rags to riches, awarding up to $500,000. The symbols with special roles are scarce, with only the scatter being offered.

Features of Rags to Riches 20 line

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t offer as much when it comes to features, as it does with prizes or graphics. The only symbol that is different is the scatter, so it’s a feature poor game.

The game logo is used for that role, of the scatter, but its main power is that of a trigger for the bonus game that has the progressive jackpot. It doesn’t have the same prizes that other games will offer you, so the only instant cash reward is a chance to win back the amount you wagered that round, when you have two scatter symbols in the game.

Jackpot Bonus Game

The same scatter symbol also gets to trigger the bonus game, with 3+ Logos on the reels. You can only get the bonus feature when you bet on all 20 lines. The bonus game starts with a number shown, the range being 1 to 49. You will then guess whether the next number to show up will be a lower or a higher one than the one displayed. You need five choices that are correct, out of the six you’re given, to go to the next level. Two incorrect guesses will end the game, if they’re made during the same bonus round. You accumulate winnings during each level you go through, but if you end the bonus game early you lose them all, and you walk away with a consolation prize instead.

If you get through all the levels of the bonus game, you gain access to the Jackpot Game. In it, you will find 16 grid boxes, placed on a treasure map. You get only one chance to locate the progressive jackpot, hidden among the 16 locations on the map.


Betting options and jackpots

Though it mentions that it can take you from rags to riches, I for one don’t know of anyone in the former category that can afford to wager the $400 that is the maximum bet here. You can wager a lot less, of course, since you’re not obligated to use all 20 coins or the maximum $20 denomination, but then you don’t get the same big prize.

Speaking of the big prize, it will give you 25,000 coins, and the value will go up to $500,000 if you can afford to use the largest coins available. A progressive jackpot is also included, and you can win it through its own jackpot bonus game, that I’ve talked about above.

Design and symbols

The design gets a lot better in the 5 reel version of Rags to Riches. You get a luxury themed slot, with some of the symbols showing you where the millionaire got started, the rags stage of his life. Then, you get to see him in riches stage, with beautiful women on his arms, with fine drinks and gold bars among the images representing it.

Symbols: Logo (scatter), Island For Sale (25,000x), Cardboard Box (15,000), Poor Man (10,000x), Skateboard (2,500x), Rich Guy (2,500x), Shoes (1,000x), Soup (1,000x), Gold Bars (250x), Fine Cognac (100x) and Cigar (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

If you have a preference for luxury slot machines, this game has a design that is only half about that, the other part being about the poor stage in the life of the slot’s hero. It can be a very rewarding game though, with its prizes being on the high side, but feature wise it is disappointing to say the least.

Rags to Riches 20 line can be found at any Cryptologic casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.