Shoot-O-Rama Slots

Shoot-O-RamaShoot-O-Rama is the kind of game that wants to remind you of one of the more special moments in your life, the one where you went to the fair with your friends or family, and enjoyed all sorts of goodies and games there. From ice cream, to hot dogs, and games where you have to throw darts at balloons, Shoot-O-Rama tries to focus on this cool event that is the fair. Though it does a decent job at it, the game remains a rather limited title as far as the design goes, the inspiration being at least in part taken from classic slots.

The 5 reels of Shoot-O-Rama are host to only 5 paylines, which makes this game one of those titles that are related rather closely to the classics. The presence of only one bonus game as a feature is another sign that this game doesn’t try too hard. You do get a progressive jackpot inside, so it’s not all bad news, especially since it offered $80,000 the last time it was won.

Features of Shoot-O-Rama

Though you will find 5 reels in this slot, it’s far from being a modern title. It’s about half classic/half modern in design, and unfortunately this applies to features as well. The only feature offered is a bonus game.

This bonus feature needs five symbols with the Popcorn Bag on the same active line, to get started. You’re taken to a bonus round where you have to throw darts at the various balloons, in an attempt to get as many prizes as possible from it.

Betting options and jackpots

It’s one of those games that is cheap to play. You get the option to wager 1 to 5 coins per line, and since 5 paylines are present, up to 25 coins can be used total. The denomination is fixed at $0.25, so you get $1.25 wagers per line, or $6.25 total.

The reward for that kind of bet is either the progressive jackpot, or the slot’s own best payouts. The progressive jackpot offers you 20% of the total amount, for each coin that you used, so use all 5 to get the most out of it. The last prize won through this progressive jackpot was worth $80,000, which is not a bad amount for a $6.25 investment.

There is also the slot’s own 2,500x prize, translating into 12,500 coins, or $3,125.

Design and symbols

The theme being based on one of the games from a county fair, the design revolves around games and various foods and sweets you could get there, all the things that memories are made of. The game area is encased in a classic slot design, with the metallic outer area having displays and buttons on it. The inner area reminds us of the games from about a decade ago, but the classic slot casing takes us back even further. It’s not that great of a design to be honest.

Symbols: Popcorn Bag (bonus), Throwing Arrow (progressive jackpot), Multi-colored Balloons (2,500x), Ice cream (500x), Hot Dog (500x) and Popsicle (200x).


Is It Worth Playing?

As long as you’re a fan of the simpler slot machines, and the lack of features doesn’t bother you, it should be a good fit. Its progressive jackpot and low betting requirements are the ones that push it and make it a better choice.

You will find Shoot-O-Rama at any online casino which chooses to use software from Cryptologic, playable either for free or for real money.