Silver Star Slots

Silver-StarSilver Star’s name refers to the Sheriff badge, which in this case is made out of silver. It’s a Western and Wild West themed game, where you get saloons, dangerous men and Can Can dancers, all contributing to an interesting atmosphere. Cryptologic, the slot’s developer, made sure that Silver Star is a good looking game, and it even gets funny at times. The Wild West story has a lot of fans in general, so it’s no surprise that we would find a game on this topic. There are a few out there already, though Silver Star appears to be one of the better looking ones.

You get 5 reels in Silver Star, a typical number for a game like this, plus up to 25 paylines that are just as average. As features it only brings a couple of symbols and one bonus game to the table, but the big jackpot makes up for it somewhat, giving away up to $100,000.

Features of Silver Star

There are features in Silver Star that you will see in most modern slot machines, so impressive is not a word I’d use to describe it, not when it only has a scatter symbol, a bonus game and a wild.

You will get the Sheriff in the role of the most important and valuable symbol of all. Wearing the silver star badge on his chest, the Sheriff is considered a wild symbol. If you’ve played cards before, you’re probably familiar with the Joker card, the one that can substitute for other regular cards. That’s basically the wild’s role in Silver Star and in every other game. It can substitute for another symbol, if this action will let you form a new combination. The wild needs to be on the right payline already, together with the other symbols that will form the combo, so its usefulness doesn’t always come into play. It can also only substitute for the regular symbols, so scatters can’t be replaced with wilds. Getting multiple wilds together on the same line and arranged like a regular combo will come with a big reward, with the top jackpot being worth 5,000 coins and offered by a five Sheriff combination.

As for the Silver Star badge, its image is also visible in the game, but as a scatter symbol. You will discover that you will get handsomely rewarded when there are multiple Silver Stars scattered on the five reels, with top payouts reaching 100 times the triggering wager. The fact that it doesn’t need to form a regular combo on an active line is a big advantage.


Shooting Gallery

Silver Star scatters are the ones that will get you inside the Shooting Gallery feature. The requirement is for at least three scatter symbols to appear during the same round. In this feature, you are taken to a shooting gallery where you fire your weapon at metal ducks. There are five shots total, with random payouts offered for each metal duck you shoot.

Betting options and jackpots

A $500 wager might not be considered affordable by most people, but high rollers will not blink at spending that much on a single spin of the reels. The maximum wager is comprised of 25 coins, each one at the maximum denomination of $20. Players with lower budgets can use coins of smaller values, the minimum being $0.01.

There is a 5,000x prize in Silver Star, the basis upon which it is calculated being the line wager, or the value of one coin. Taking into account the maximum possible value, the top jackpot can reach a $100,000 cash value.

Design and symbols

The Wild West theme works very well in this case. You will find the desert filled with cactus plants behind the reels, themselves having wooden beams as support. Besides having symbols that are very well done, the slot also feels a bit funny at times, especially when you look at that old horse that’s eating a carrot and has flies all around his head. I also appreciated the use of symbols that are theme related, there are no playing cards to annoy us here!

Symbols: Silver Star Badge (scatter, 100x the wager), Sheriff (wild, 5,000x), Wanted Poster (1,000x), Saloon (500x), Can Can Girl (250x), Horse (250x), Pistols (150x), Wagon (150x), Snake (125x), Cow Skull (125x), Cactus (100x) and Bush (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Yes, it’s one of the more approachable Western themed games out there, it has good prizes and a decent collection of features, though it’s not one of its strong suits.

This Silver Star slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.