Spider-Man Revelations Slots

Spider-Man-RevelationsSpider-Man Revelations is Cryptologic’s second try at a slot machine based on the famous Spider-Man from Marvel. A comic book character, Spider-Man is a superhero that got his powers through the bite of a spider bite. While the first title had our hero in a fight against Venom, this time we get him while he’s fighting against Dr. Octopus. You will find in it the same great looking graphics that are inspired by the comic book, though as is often the case they could’ve done better if half of their symbols didn’t have playing card icons on them.

The rather average 25 paylines of Spider-Man Revelations are hosted on 5 reels, with the features making sure that the game is not easily forgettable. Things like bonus features that have free games and multipliers, or the presence of scatters and wilds, do a lot to make this game appealing. On the other hand, another big contributor in that department is the Marvel progressive jackpot (the big one, since there are three different ones offered) and the slot’s own $25,000 top payout.

Features of Spider-Man Revelations

Among the features you can get in Revelations, you will find the wild symbol, the scatter and the bonus feature that has free spins and multipliers in it.

Once again, you will find that the most important symbol of the game is also a wild feature. With Spider-Man himself as its image, the wild gets you big prizes (including the top jackpot) or it tries to assist you in forming new combinations, even if they don’t pay as well as the wild would. The substitution powers of a wild symbol will not be used to help scatter symbols, but every other symbol can take advantage of it.

Just like in the first game with this superhero, the Logo is the symbol that is used to act as a scatter, giving away prizes or access to bonus features by being present in multiple locations during the same spin. A minimum of two Logos are sufficient to trigger a small prize, with additional scatters increasing the value. The most you can walk away with is the equivalent of 100 bets, taking into account the money you’ve wagered that round.


Doctor Octopus Feature

This is the only bonus game that the slot has and it gets triggered whenever a minimum of three scattered Logos appear. You see Doctor Octopus, as he climbs on a train and then he throws one of the passengers at Spider-Man. There are two options here. You can accept the displayed number of spins and multiplier, or you can reject it and Doctor Octopus will throw a second person, with a different number of free spins and multipliers. You can reject the first two prizes, but you have to accept the third one.

Betting options and jackpots

Since you get 25 lines in this slot, you need to activate them all, and for that you will use one coin for each line. That takes the wager to 25 coins, and its actual value is determined by taking into account the denomination you want to use. Its range is $0.01 to $5, which means that maximum bets will get you to spend $125 per spin.

There is the slot’s own 5,000x jackpot at stake, with $25,000 being its highest value, but there are also three progressive jackpots from Marvel. Their names are Marvel Hero, Super Hero and Hero, the better payouts being offered by the first one. These Marvel jackpots are awarded at random.

Design and symbols

With a city in the background, the tall skyscrapers being the ones among which Spider-Man flies by throwing his webs from one to the next, the game uses a lot of light colors, all contributing to the design. There are playing cards unfortunately, but at least they decorated them with spider webs. The rest of the images found inside are on the same level as the ones you would get from the comic book.

Symbols: Spider-Man (wild, 5,000x), Logo (scatter, 100x the wager), Doctor Octopus (1,000x), Train (500x), Safe (200x), Spider (200x), Ace (150x), King (150x), Queen (125x), Jack (125x), Ten (100x) and Nine (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

For a fan of the comic book series, the game is an obvious choice. It does a lot of things right, especially with its features, plus it has the usual Marvel jackpots that will sweeten the deal.

Spider-Man vs Doctor Octopus

The Spider-Man comic book has been around since the early 60’s, featuring a new kind of superhero, someone that was a teenager during the day and a hero the rest of the time. Raised by his aunt and uncle, Peter Parker was an awkward teenager, that you wouldn’t have thought for a minute that he was a superhero. In time and through several comic book series, he evolved from the original teenager, moving on to college, being a teacher in high school and finally becoming the freelance photographer that most people are familiar with.

On the other side of the ring is Doctor Octopus, the villain on which Spider-Man Revelations focuses on. Otto Gunther Octavius is his full name and he is considered a supervillain, the kind of mad scientist that you don’t want as your neighbor. He is one of the enemies of Spider-Man and he appeared for the first time in comic books in 1963.

The Spider-Man Revelations slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.