Sub-Mariner Slots

Sub-MarinerSub-Mariner is a Cryptologic slot machine, with a theme that’s been created with inspiration from one of Marvel’s older comic book characters. Called Namor in those early Marvel comics that incorporated the Sub-Mariner, he’s only a sporadic apparition in current comic books, as he doesn’t have his own series anymore. Based on the design style, the comic book looks cool and even a bit unusual since it takes place underwater.

Sub-Mariner has 5 reels, 25 paylines and as you play this retro looking game you will find that it has scatter symbols and wilds, plus it can give you access to multipliers, bonus games and free spins. Even the top jackpot is more than generous, offering $100,000.

Features of Sub-Mariner

You’re going to get all the major features that you’re used to, starting with the bonus game and continuing with the wilds or scatter symbols, free spins and multipliers.

Sub-Mariner takes the main role of the wild, so he’s both capable of awarding the top jackpot and he can substitute for the symbols appearing in this game, as long as they’re trying to form combinations on regular lines (the scatter doesn’t take advantage of the wild’s powers). Any combinations formed with the wild’s help gets its 2x multiplier to double the prize. The wild not only helps you get more prizes in the long run, it actually awards some of its own, though same line combinations have to be formed for that to happen, with multiple matching wilds. The most you can win with its help is 5,000 coins, the slot’s top jackpot.

A Logo symbol, with Sub-Mariner written on a background with the ocean’s waves, will get the scatter role. This is another important symbol in the game, whose role is to trigger features or prizes, based on the total number of Logos that are on the screen during a round. Get two to five Logos, and you can expect payouts of 1x to 100x the triggering bet.


Sub-Mariner Protector Feature

This is the first of two features present in the game, and it’s the one that gets triggered with the scatter symbol’s help. The requirement is for three Logos to be scattered on the screen, and that will be enough to get the bonus game started. You are asked to pick three warships and submarines, out of the six displayed on the screen. With each choice you make, you get either free spins or instant prizes.

Sub-Mariner Swim Feature

This is one of those occasions where even the wild can get you a bonus game. This symbol can appear on all the reels, but you need it on the 1st and 5th ones at the same time, to get the Swim feature. You will see how Sub-Mariner swims across the slot’s reels, and some of the symbols will become Sub-Mariner wilds themselves. If there are any extra prizes won with the help of the additional wilds, they are awarded.


Betting options and jackpots

The bets will start as low as $0.01, but that’s the value of a single coin and it would get only one payline activated for the round. You can up the coin denomination as high as $5, and if you decide to use multiple coins you can get more chances to win a prize. With 25 coins on the line, you get all the paylines and you have to bet up to $125.

The reward for such an investment consists in 5,000 coins, which considering a $5 denomination would mean up to $125,000. Progressive jackpots are present as well, all from Marvel and they’re the same ones that you will find in every slot that comes from them. These three progressive jackpots get randomly triggered, once the spin is over.

Design and symbols

The retro design is one of the more appealing things about this slot machine. There are plenty of comic book slots out there by now, but few give you the same kind of design like Sub-Mariner. It almost looks like a Jules Verne inspired game, more because of the design style than because of the action you will find inside.

Symbols: Sub-Mariner (wild, 5,000x), Logo (scatter, 100x the bet), Monster (1,000x), Sea Captain (500x), Octopus (250x), City of Atlantis (250x), Submarine (150x), Torpedoes (150x), Diver’s Helmet (125x), Harpoon Gun (125x), Anchor (100x) and Teeth Necklace (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

I’d say yes, even if you’re not a fan of this particular comic book character. The design is as good as in every other slot machine, but you don’t get playing cards in it, it has the same progressive jackpots and it’s got a style that you will not find anywhere else.

Namor the Sub-Mariner Comic Books

Namor, the Sub-Mariner, is one of the superheroes from Marvel’s universe, and actually is one of the earlier ones. His first apparition was in 1939, in the first number of Marvel Comics, then owned by Timely Comics. Our hero is a mutant, his mother being a princess from Atlantis, while his father was human. He’s been both a superhero and a supervillain, depending on the comic book you’ve been reading.

Among the abilities that Sub-Mariner has, you will find superhuman everything, from strength, to reflexes, agility and speed. Add to that longevity and the ability to fly with the help of tiny wins that he has on the ankles, and you get a pretty kick ass superhero.

You will find Sub-Mariner at any online casino which chooses to use software from Cryptologic, playable either for free or for real money.