Sudoku Slots

SudokuThe game of Sudoku has become quite popular in the last couple of years, so it’s not a big surprise that a developer like Cryptologic has decided to hop on board and create a game based on it. The result is a slot machine that is quite unusual, using a Sudoku card for players to place bets on, though they still managed to cram 18 paylines on it, using both rows and columns. You get the same 3×3 layout that Sudoku has, and the goal is to create lines with the 1 to 9 numbers arranged in order. You can keep playing the same card, or you can request a new one and start from scratch.

You don’t get actual reels in this game, since it all takes place on a Sudoku card, but you do get the equivalent of 18 paylines on it. It’s a generous game with its prizes, up to $160,000 being winnable inside, but feature wise it doesn’t do as well, as it has only a wild symbol and free games with multipliers.

Features of Sudoku

Even though the game is unusual enough on its own, you can also get a couple of features inside, including free spins and a bonus game. Even a wild is part of this Sudoku inspired slot machine.

While playing Sudoku, you are rewarded each time you complete a row or a column. You are also paid when you complete a square.

You will find the wild to be easy enough to recognize. These special symbols have a yellow background and a pink star on them, and they are the ones that you can rely on to substitute for other symbols, and it can do so for all of them, no exceptions. However, during Sudoku Feature the wild doesn’t work.

Sudoku Feature

You can get inside this feature by getting red Sudoku numbers on the screen, on the same row or column. You need at least 7 of these numbers, to get the bonus game. This feature will give you 5 re-spins, and after each one all the red numbers will be held. If you manage to collect all 27 red numbers, you can win the big prize.


Free Games Feature

You need to complete a minimum of 5 squares, to get access to the free games. The reward is generous, with 15 free games and 2x multipliers being part of it. You can also get the Sudoku feature started during free spins, but the multiplier doesn’t apply to it. The free spins can also be retriggered.

Betting options and jackpots

The bets you place are on rows, columns or both. You can’t select only some of the lines from the columns or the rows, you need to bet on an entire lot of 9. You decide the size of the wager, which goes up to $20 for one of them, so if you decide to maximize your chances you can use up to $40 per round. The bets start from $0.10.

As far as prizes go, there is a 6,000x multiple on the line, offered for 9 column or 9 row wins during one round. Get the Sudoku completed in the main game, and you get a bonus, worth 8,000 coins or $160,000. Hopefully, the 2x multiplier of the free spins applies to the jackpot as well, which would mean $320,000 for the main prize.

Design and symbols

The design is unusual, not for a Sudoku card, but for a slot machine. It looks more like the former than the latter, so you have the play area with the card occupying about half of the screen, while the right side has various betting and play options, along with the displays that tell you how much you’ve won or wagered.


Is It Worth Playing?

For a Sudoku fan, this is a must play title. It can get quite generous if you’re really lucky, plus it doesn’t resemble any other slot machine you’ve ever played. If you’re tired of regular slots and you want a change, Sudoku is a good game to try.

Sudoku can be found at any Cryptologic casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.