Super Slideshow 1€ Slots

Super-Slideshow-1_Super Slideshow is a circus themed slot machine from Cryptologic, which despite the fact that it is designed to be a classic title, gets plenty of features and cute graphics that make it stand out. The symbols are mostly classic ones, but the rest of the game design looks better than expected, with a clown next to the reels, with the circle of fire behind him and with bonus feature options displayed on both sides. The circus has been a big source of entertainment for centuries now, and they still remain popular to this day.

A classic game as far as the layout is concerned, Super Slideshow has 4 reels and only 1 payline on them. The wagers don’t get that big, as you might imagine, so the top jackpot of $500 would be a good deal. You even get a couple of features, in the form of nudges and scatter symbols, things you shouldn’t expect in classic titles.

Features of Super Slideshow 1€

You get a couple of interesting features from Super Slideshow, starting with the nudges, then the scatter symbol and the multiplier. It’s more than I would expect from a classic slot, so it should be a lot more entertaining than its direct competitors.

The Nudge option is not often seen in games, and getting it in a classic 3 reel slot is even rarer. You can receive a maximum of four Nudges during each spin. A Nudge lets you move a reel by one spot, the direction being down. If you move the right reels, you can form your own combinations of symbols. The first win you get with the help of a Nudge cancels all the other remaining Nudges, so you can get paid only once with their help.

The Clown symbol would be the scatter that I mentioned already. It works in two ways, either as a regular symbol or as a scatter symbol. As a regular symbol, when it forms a three Clown combo, you get the Super Side Show feature to start. As a scatter, you get the Side Show bonus feature when 3 Clowns are positioned anywhere on the reels.


Bonus Games

The two bonus games that you get in Super Slideshow with the help of the clown take places on the same screen. You use a dice and depending on what it rolls, you get bonus features, multipliers or nudges. You are the one that chooses when you collect the prizes.

Betting options and jackpots

You only get one payline in Super Slideshow, and you only have to use one coin to activate it. With the coin being fixed in value at $1, as the name of the game suggests, there isn’t much of a choice when it comes to betting options. You either bet $1 and you play the game, or you don’t.

The maximum reward is fixed in value as well, always based on the amount you wager, so you can win up to $500 that way. There are also smaller prizes inside, of course, the smallest one being $0.50.

Design and symbols

You will enjoy this game far more than you would most of the other classic slots, as its design makes you think it’s a modern game, before you count the number of reels available. The three reels are placed on a wagon with led lights all around them, and the action takes place at the circus. You get the clown to the right, with a ring of fire in the background and the Hi/Lo gamble game ladder also in that area.

Symbols: Magic Hat ($500), Watermelon Slice ($100), Red 7 ($10), Blue 7 ($5), Yellow 7 ($3), Cherries ($2) and Mixed 7’s ($2).


Is It Worth Playing?

It’s a very cheap game to play, with prizes that match the wager size, but for a classic slot it looks great and it even has a couple of half decent features along for the ride, my favorite being the nudge.

The Super Slideshow 1€ slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.