Superman Slots

SupermanSuperman is a superhero that needs no introduction, but I will try anyway. In this case, you will find a slot machine that was built under official license from DC Comics, the ones that created this comic book. Cryptologic has been chosen to create the slot machine with this theme, the inspiration being the comic book, rather than the movies that were seen by a lot more people. It was a good decision, as you will discover yourself if you take a look at the slot’s great looking design.

You get more than just impressive graphics from Superman, with up to 50 selectable paylines on its 5 reels bringing you just as many chances to win one of its prizes. Speaking of the prizes, they can get up to $200,000 in value, though that kind of payout is going to require a full combo of wild symbols. The scatter symbol is also present and quite valuable on its own, with up to $120,000 awarded thanks to it. Bonus features, free games and multipliers make up the rest of the features you can get inside.

Features of Superman

This is not only a generous game prize wise, but also when it comes to the features you can get access to. It means that you can take advantage of free games, multipliers, scatters and wild symbols.

Superman is the most important of the symbols that the game has inside, as you probably expect, and it’s the one that has the powers of a wild. Whenever it appears in the right position to do anything about it, the Superman wild will substitute for other symbols, but only if this will allow them to form a new combination. By doing so, the wild also doubles the prize of that combo, thanks to a 2x multiplier that it applies. It can trigger some impressive payouts on its own as well, in fact they are far better than the ones it could help with. The huge jackpot gets awarded when five Superman wilds contribute on the same payline. The only symbol that you don’t get the wild’s help with is the Logo scatter.

You will notice that two different Logo scatters can appear in the game. Both have the Superman Logo on them, but at the bottom one has Scatter written, the other has Bonus. Getting multiple scatter symbols of the same type will get you cash prizes, the requirement being for 2 to 5 logos to be in scattered positions. The payouts go up with each additional Logo present, up to 100 times the wager.


Save the World Feature

The slot’s bonus game can be won only when the player uses the Bonus Bet option in his wagers, which add an extra 20% to the total amount. If that is the case, and you get 3+ Logos scattered on the reels, you get access to Save the World, one of the bonus games in Superman.

In this bonus game, our superhero has to go through a meteor shower, destroying missiles in the process and winning prizes each time he manages to do that. Once Superman reaches Earth, you get a choice of three doors that have lead in them, so you don’t know what they’re hiding. You can win a prize worth 100x the bet (if Lex Luthor is behind the door), a random prize (if you find the hostages) or the feature ends (if you get the room with kryptonite).

Superman Free Games

The wild doesn’t just give you the top jackpot, substitute for others and double their prizes. It is also the one that can get you the free spins. With the wild symbol on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels simultaneously, you get this feature and the 10 free spins it offers. Each free spin has one wild reel, chosen at random. On top of that, there are also random multipliers of up to 5x offered during these free games.

You can understand why they’ve decided not to allow this feature to be retriggered, it has too many awesome bonuses and advantages inside and the potential for great profit is there as well.


Betting options and jackpots

It’s one of the more expensive games you will run across, at least if you intend to max out your chances of winning and the value of the prizes you get. You can go up to $1,000 per spin (50 coins) with the base game wager, to which you add another $200 (10 coins) if you want the bonus bet as well. In case the shock made you temporarily forget how to count, that’s a maximum bet of $1,200 for a single spin of the reels, with $20 coins used. The coins don’t have to be that valuable though, the smallest denomination selectable being $0.01.

If you’ve set your sights on the big prize, the one with 10,000 coins and $200,000, the $20 coins will be necessary, otherwise those coins will not be nearly as valuable. This being a slot based on a series from DC Comics, you don’t get the progressive jackpots that are available in Marvel comic book slots.

Design and symbols

The design in Superman is one of the better looking ones that I’ve found among slot machines themed around comic books. It has more details and is better drawn even when compared with the slot machines that were built under Marvel license, so I’d say that DC Comics got the better games here, even though Cryptologic created slots for both companies. There aren’t any playing cards either, so you get only symbols that have a reason for being there.

Symbols: Superman (wild symbol, 10,000 coins), Logo (scatter symbol, 100x the wager), Lex Luthor (500 coins), Loise Lane (250 coins), Daily Planet (200 coins), Train (200 coins), Tank (150 coins), Fist (150 coins), Villain’s Eyes (125 coins), Crate (125 coins), Kryptonite (100 coins) and Eye Glasses (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

There is no doubt in my mind when I say that this is a must play game. It might be expensive, but that’s only if you’re aiming for the biggest prize available. Otherwise, it’s got the design and the features that make Superman a game that no fan of this superhero should miss.

Superman, a DC Comics Superhero

Part of the DC Comics universe, Superman is a superhero in their stories and also one of the most well known and beloved characters. Known worldwide, not just in the US where it was created, Superman gets a lot of its popularity from the movies that were released based on him. There were video games, books and TV series as well, but the movies were the ones that captured the imagination of people from around the world and made him a favorite everywhere.

Superman first appeared in Action Comics, the first number, with the publish date being in April 1938. The original name of DC Comics was actually Detective Comics, Inc, and they were the ones that bought the rights to the character from the artist (Joe Shuster) and the writer (Jerry Siegel) that created him in 1933. The S letter shield on his chest is well known, just as is the rest of his costume, with the red cape and the blue costume.

The Superman slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.