Sweet Thing Slots

Sweet-ThingSweet Thing manages to describe its contents quite well, this being a Cryptologic slot machine that focuses on all things sweet and in the candy category. Though it looks like a 3 reel game, it seems to be classified as 9 reel, with both horizontal, vertical and diagonal paylines inside. The candy theme has a few games already that focus on it, and in most cases the amount of pink and cuteness in the theme does bring the word “overload” to mind. It doesn’t seem to be the case here though, and Sweet Thing can be an interesting choice for any player with a sweet tooth.

Considered a 9 reel game, though it looks like a 3 reel title, Sweet Thing provides a total of 8 paylines to its players. The $60,000 jackpot of Sweet Thing is a decent reason to start playing this slot, the deal being sweetened by the presence of a wild symbol and a bonus game.

Features of Sweet Thing

Despite the 9 reel action, this isn’t an overly complicated slot machine, not when its features are concerned. The only feature symbol provided inside is the wild, which also serves as the trigger for the bonus feature.

The Sweet Thing Logo gets that role, of the wild symbol, so it can substitute for the other symbols with candy that appear, as long as that action will result in a combination formed.


Bonus Game

With at least two Logo wilds appearing in the game, in any position, you can get inside the only bonus game available. You get a screen with four pairs of matching symbols and you have to reveal as many of them as you can, in the amount of time given. You are allowed only three mistakes. If you don’t create matching pairs, you receive a consolation prize instead.

Betting options and jackpots

It might look like a sweet innocent game that goes beyond the 3 reel genre, but this slot can get quite expensive if you’re trying to max out your options. There are only 8 paylines inside, yet you are allowed to go up to $160 with your bets, using coins of up to $20 for each one. The penny slot players are not forgotten though, with the smallest denomination possible being $0.01.

A 3,000x multiple is the value of the biggest prize you can win in Sweet Thing, with the $20 coin being the highest value that it can be used as a basis. That means a $60,000 jackpot, more than enough to make someone consider this game.

Design and symbols

It’s not as sweet looking as many other slot machines that have a similar theme, mainly because purple is the color of choice for its background image, and not pink. The three reels are in the middle of the screen, with orange boxes set up all around them and containing the various displays and options. Symbols consist in various types of sweet candy for the most part, and they would be the more colorful part of the graphics.

Symbols: Sweet Thing Logo (3,000x), Red Candy (1,000x), Strawberry Candy (200x), Pop Lollipop (50x), Orange Candy (25x), Coffee Candy (15x), Purple Candy (7x) and Swirl Candy (2x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy it, especially since it’s not your usual 3 reel game, and some classify it more like a 9 reel title. It’s got the right design and decent prizes, though its wagers are higher than I like them to be.

You will find Sweet Thing at any online casino which chooses to use software from Cryptologic, playable either for free or for real money.