The Flash – Velocity Slots

The-Flash-VelocityThe Flash – Velocity introduces the players that give it a chance into the DC Comics universe, as it is a superhero themed slot machine that revolves around a character called The Flash. If you’ve always dreamed about having super powers, especially things like super speed, then The Flash – Velocity is for you. Even the playing cards seem to be in a rush to get somewhere in this game. The graphics are as good as you would expect, especially since this slot is part of a series of licensed games that Cryptologic designed for DC Comics, while also creating others for Marvel.

With 5 reels and as many as 50 active paylines, this slot feels like a generous offering from Cryptologic, an impression that will strengthened by the presence of a $200,000 jackpot. It doesn’t hurt that it gets all the big features as well, meaning that besides having the typical scatter and wild symbols, plus the free games and the multipliers, you can also get into a bonus game.

Features of The Flash – Velocity

It’s a feature rich environment that you will find in this game, where you do have the usual combination of scatters and wilds, plus free spins and multipliers, but on top of that you get the Rogues feature as well, or the possibility of getting random symbols turned into wilds as the game progresses.

Flash is the hero of the comic book that the slot’s action revolves around. It’s only natural that he gets the main role, and in this case that means being the wild feature. As is often the case, there are a couple of different features that the wild symbol gets, one of them being the capability of substituting for other symbols, but only the regular ones. It can’t do anything about the scattered Logo, which is normal for about 95% of the slots that include the wild. It’s always rewarding to see a wild symbol contribute to a new combination being formed, especially since the prize triples whenever that happens, making it preferable to get combinations where wilds are present, rather than just getting all matching combos. It doesn’t stop just at awarding other symbol’s prizes though, and you will get its own rewards, as long as multiple Flash symbols take over the same payline and they do it starting from the left. The ultimate reward of the game is offered by Flash actually, an impressive 10,000 coins.

You also find the Logo scatter symbol in the game, coming in two forms. One of them is marked Scatter, the other marked Bonus. Either one can get you paid and they don’t even have to be on the same payline to do that, but they still need to be in sufficient numbers. A minimum of two Logos present is the requirement to get a prize awarded by it, with additional Logos giving you bigger payouts, as much as 100 times the wager made that round.

Speedster Wilds

As you’re spinning the reels and enjoying the base game, you will find that from time to time some of the symbols might change into Wild Flash symbols. They do this before the prizes are paid out.


Rogues Feature

With the bonus bet active, where you wager an extra 10 coins to get a chance at the bonus game, you can get into Rogues feature, and its potential rewards. You do this with the help of three or more scattered Logos. The reward consists in 12 free spins, and they have multipliers that go up to 10x.

The three villains of the game each have their own role in the Rogues feature, bringing you an advantage when they decide to make an appearance. You can pick one of these three features to be active during free spins. For example, Captain Cold may freeze the reels that he appears on, making it an expanding wild and giving you one free re-spin. Mirror Master is another rogue, and his power can take you back in time, allowing you to replay the last four free spins. Finally, Gorilla Grodd gets to move a Flash roaming wild, to a new position on the reels, during each free spin.


Betting options and jackpots

Many of the games the Cryptologic designs for DC Comics tend to get expensive quickly, at least if you’re looking to maximize your wagers. They involve the use of 50 coins when you’re trying to cover all the lines, to which you can add an extra 10 coins to get the bonus bet active and to hopefully get access to Rogues, the only bonus game available. With denominations going from $0.01 to $20, bets can reach $1,200 in value, and that’s not an amount that most people can stomach.

There are 10,000 coins on the line in this slot machine, with denominations used in the wager deciding if it’s going to be worth $200,000 or less. There are no progressive jackpots in DC Comics slots, but considering the payouts they offer they’re not necessary anyway (though they couldn’t hurt).

Design and symbols

I tend to enjoy the DC Comics themed slots more than I do those from Marvel Comics, in part because they usually don’t rely on boring playing cards. It’s not the case here, as they used four symbols with playing card icons on them. Despite that, this remains a high quality game, with a gorgeous design, with lots of red in it and with comic book characters visible everywhere.

Symbols: Flash (wild symbol, 10,000 coins), Logo (scatter, 100x wager of the round), Captain Cold (250 coins), Mirror Master (250 coins), Gorilla Grodd (250 coins), Clock (150 coins), Flash’s feet (150 coins), Flash logo ring (150 coins), Ace (125 coins), King (125 coins), Queen (100 coins) and Jack (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

The bonus bet is the one that’s bothering me somewhat, but if thanks to it you can get access to free spins with up to 10x multipliers, then I guess it’s worth using it. Add the big top prize and the various other features you find as you play, like the speedster wilds, and The Flash – Velocity feels like the kind of slot you should give a chance to.

The Flash, Comic Book

Flash is the name of a superhero that is part of the DC Comics universe, whose main power is his speed. A better way to describe it would be “super speed”, allowing him not just quick movement, but also reflexes that would be superhuman. The human character behind The Flash varied in time, each one getting this superpower at one time or another. Jay Garrick is the one that had it all along, starting in 1940 and going on until now. Others included Bart Allen, Wally West and Barry Allen. The one you usually see in TV series and most well known would be Barry Allen, who took the role from 1956 to 1985, and then again from 2008 forward. He was part of both TV series built with this character in mind, the one from 1990 and the one launched in 2014.

The first time The Flash appeared in a comic book was in 1940. He was revived in 1956, a time when superheroes came back in style thanks to Marvel’s efforts.

The Flash – Velocity can be found at any Cryptologic casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.