The Hulk – Ultimate Revenge Slots

The-Hulk-Ultimate-RevengeThe Hulk – Ultimate Revenge, is Cryptologic’s second attempt at a slot machine that has as a theme the same superhero from Marvel Comics, called The Hulk. A green monster sized superhero with immense power that allows him to rip helicopters or tanks to shreds, The Hulk is one of the many characters from Marvel that got their own movie, and it was quite popular when it was released. Having not one, but two slot machines with him as the main hero gives you the opportunity to pick your favorite, and I’d have to say that Ultimate Revenge seems to be the one that is better.

The better endowed of the two Hulk slots released so far by Cryptologic, Ultimate Revenge will give you 25 paylines instead of the 9 from the first title, and they’re all on the same 5 reels. There are even more features in it, combining the free games and the multipliers, with the symbols with wild or scatter roles. As for the big prize, it goes only up to $25,000, but you also get the Marvel progressive jackpots to sweeten the deal.

Features of The Hulk – Ultimate Revenge

You can clearly see inside that there are more features in Ultimate Revenge than there were in the first slot machine with this theme, adding to the usual wild and scatter symbols a round of free spins and multipliers.

You don’t actually get the Hulk character fully visible in a single symbol, but you do have the wild symbol that has his green eye in it, and based on that alone you can tell that he’s mad and ready to rip someone a new one. This wild has two typical roles, common in the titles that Cryptologic releases. The first one would be its obvious capability of acting as a wild, a substituting symbol that can get new combinations formed as long as it’s in the right position to do anything about it. Any new combo that gets the help of the wild has double the usual prizes, a bonus in the wild’s favor and a good reason to want it on the screen as often as possible. The second role of the wild is to give out the top jackpot, or a smaller prize, depending on how many of them are on an active payline together.

The Nuclear Explosion scatter is just as important since it has both prizes and bonus features to trigger. The former can get up to 100x the triggering wager, as long as you have enough of them scattered on the screen. Two to five Explosions are necessary, to get a prize from it.


Hulk Bonus Feature

Cash prizes might need a minimum of two Explosions, but for the bonus game at least three have to be present in scattered positions.

The bonus game starts by displaying five objects and five helicopters. You get to pick up one of the helicopters, and then you throw it at one of the objects. The subsequent explosion will reveal to you how many free spins you’ve won, plus the multiplier that will be used on all the prizes. You can refuse the first one and throw the helicopter again, if you’re not satisfied. You can’t refuse the second time though, so don’t get greedy if it’s a decent number of free games.

You can retrigger the free spins, with the same number of rounds and multipliers, without having to go through the bonus feature again.

Betting options and jackpots

If you can afford to bet $125 on a single spin of the reels, which will take just seconds to reveal the result, then you should go for the maximum bet allowed in this game. That amount covers 25 paylines, all of them needing a coin each, whose denomination will be at $5 in this case. The option to reduce the value of the coins is there, the minimum being $0.01.

You can expect a 5,000 coins jackpot from this game, worth $25,000 total. The three Marvel jackpots are the secondary objective, with at least one giving you comparable prizes to the ones that the game gives out directly, while the other two are considerably lower. You can win them by simply playing the game, as they are offered at random.

Design and symbols

There is a lot less green in Ultimate Revenge, than it was in the first Hulk slot machine. You get playing cards though, and a lot of them, with only half of the symbols being related to the action that takes place inside. An image with a broken down city is in the background, the result of a nuclear bomb explosion by the looks of it.

Symbols: The Hulk’s Eye (5,000 coins, wild symbol), Nuclear Explosion (100x the bet, scatter symbol), SWAT Member (1,000 coins), SWAT Armored Car (500 coins), Handgun (200 coins), Broken Mirror (200 coins), Ace (150 coins), King (150 coins), Queen (125 coins), Jack (125 coins), Ten (100 coins) and Nine (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

The Hulk – Ultimate Revenge has a lot more to offer than the first slot with this superhero, it looks better and has more features. If I were to choose one of the two games to play, I’d have to go with this one.

The Hulk, a Bit of History

The Incredible Hulk was the name of the comic book that was created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, with The Hulk being the main character in it. Bruce Banner, a scientist that tends to be reserved and shy, becomes the Hulk when he gets scared or is under a lot of stress. All his repressed anger comes out then, in a huge green monster that possesses huge power and is pretty much invulnerable. Get him really angry, and he gets even more powerful.

Inspiration for the Hulk came from stories like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, along with the one with Frankenstein. A few different movies and TV series were created with The Hulk as the main character, or as one of the multiple superheroes that were part of them.

The Hulk – Ultimate Revenge can be found at any Cryptologic casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.