The Hulk Slots

The-HulkThe Hulk is one of the popular heroes from Marvel Comics, a green monster that’s on the side of good and which can wreak havoc with his bare fists and using pure muscle power. He’s one of the more physical superheroes, or at least the one in which the muscles are showing the most. Capable of ripping apart tanks with his bare hands, The Hulk makes for a great superhero and Cryptologic has decided to create not one, but two slots with him inside. This is the first of those slots, and it’s the one that was released first, so it feels a bit more dated.

The first of the Hulk slots has 5 reels and a rather limited 9 paylines, and I’m saying this mostly because they give you fewer chances to win during each round. However, if you do win, you can expect a jackpot worth $50,000, enough to keep anyone interested when it’s coupled with the progressive jackpots that Marvel is well known for offering in its games. The features get you a wild with multiplier, a scatter and a bonus game.

Features of The Hulk

Though you don’t get every kind of feature that could’ve been offered, The Hulk still manages to give you a scatter symbol and a bonus feature triggered by it, plus the wild and the multiplier it brings along.

The Hulk Logo, made out of stone, will be only used as a wild, and nothing else. Its capability of taking over for other regular symbols should be enough to make you happy though, especially since in each case it adds its own 2x multiplier to the mix, doubling the prize. Unfortunately, you’re not getting a reward from this wild directly, not even if it has multiple positions covered on the same line.

The other major symbol is the scattered Radiation Logo. With scattered symbols, what counts is the total number of identical Logos you get on the screen, so it doesn’t take into account their position and they don’t have to be on the same bet line. Your reward consists in a cash prize if you have 2+ scatters and in a bonus feature if you have 3+ symbols of this type. The cash prize is offered as a multiple of the wager you made that round, the maximum amount being worth 100x.

Hulk Smash Bonus Feature

3+ Radiation Logos on the screen gets you in the middle of the action in Hulk Smash, the bonus feature of The Hulk. In it, The Hulk has to find and destroy a secret weapons lab. You get to choose what kind of army equipment The Hulk will take out, the choices being either a helicopter or a tank. You get prizes for the equipment he destroys, plus a bonus if the secret weapons lab is also eliminated. You will find that The Hulk gets damage along the way, and the bonus feature will end when the life meter is depleted.


Betting options and jackpots

You can go as high as $45 with the bets you place in The Hulk, where the 9 lines would each receive a $5 coin as a wager. The denomination of that coin may drop to as little as $0.05 though, plus you don’t have to select all the lines if you don’t want to, so the smallest wagers can be used even by players with limited budgets.

The Hulk will put up 10,000 coins for the jackpot it offers, turning the top prize into $50,000 cash. The alternative is one of the three Marvel jackpots, who are easier to get with larger wagers. Each one has a different value, with Marvel Hero being the best paying one, followed by Super Hero and then by Hero Jackpot.

Design and symbols

The Hulk is colored entirely in green, and that’s the color you see everywhere else on the reels as well. The background is the only one different, with the image of The Hulk as he smashes a tank and with an army base visible a bit farther away. Otherwise, the symbols mostly come in green, either because they show us the Hulk, or because they’re green substances in vials and test tubes. It’s a good looking design, as Marvel usually gets for its titles, but it does show that it’s a bit older than other slots from Cryptologic.

Symbols: Hulk Logo (wild), Radiation Logo (scatter, 100x the wager), The Hulk (5,000 coins), Scientist (1,000 coins), Green Villain (500 coins), General (500 coins), Tank (150 coins), Airplane (150 coins), Nuclear Bomb (125 coins), Warning Sign (125 coins), Green Substance (100 coins) and Green Vials (100 coins).


Is It Worth Playing?

Fans of the Hulk will find that this isn’t the only slot machine with him as the hero, but I suggest you try both of them and see which one you prefer. It has fewer paylines than I’d like, but with decent prizes and enough features to keep you happy, it should be a good choice nonetheless.

The Hulk, His Story

The Hulk is a comic book superhero that first appeared in a series released in 1962, called The Incredible Hulk. He is a green humanoid, quite large and usually angry, possessing almost unlimited strength and being invulnerable. When he gets angry, he becomes even more powerful. He’s not the Hulk at all times though. In his normal form, he is Bruce Banner, a physicist that is withdrawn socially and which prefers to be alone. Whenever he is under stress, he becomes The Hulk, someone that is a complete opposite of his real identity. Usually, this is another personality, and Banner is not in control of Hulk, but at times this has happened as well.

There were a number of films created based on this character, and he is right now one of the more popular comic book superheroes of all time.

The The Hulk slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.