The Silver Surfer Slots

The-Silver-SurferThe Silver Surfer is one of the many superheroes that Marvel has in its own universe, and in this case we get the slot machine that is themed around him. Cryptologic has a lot of slots that they’ve built with official blessing from Marvel, so they’re the ones that took on this job as well. Silver Surfer is not an actual human it seems, being a powerful being from another planet that was sent to Earth, looking for planets for Galactus, a god-like creature that eats planets. Silver Surfer becomes a good guy when he gets to our planet, thanks to the meeting he has with the Fantastic Four team. It’s an unusual character for Marvel, but the comic book has a lot of fans.

The Silver Surfer has 5 reels, and on them a total of 9 paylines can be found, with payouts of $15,000 being the most you can hope to get out of them. It has a couple of decent features, like the scatter symbol, the free games or the wild, but overall the game lacks the appeal that many other Marvel slots have. The progressive jackpots add their presence into the mix, but they can be won at one of the other comic book themed slots from Marvel as well, they’re not exclusive to this title.

Features of The Silver Surfer

The features you can rely on in Silver Surfer are the re-spins, scatter symbols and wilds, so it’s not as heavy on the options as other games.

Silver Surfer gets the role of the wild, but he doesn’t do much except acting as a substitute. While new combinations will be formed all the time when the wild contributes to them, you shouldn’t expect it to give you its own high paying prizes, or adding any kind of multipliers. It’s the basic kind of wild, which I’m not a fan of, but it still beats not having a wild at all.

Get the Logo symbol, and as it usually happens you will find that it has a scatter role in the game. Being presented with two to five Silver Surfer Logos gets you a prize, starting at 2x and stopping at 125x the wager of the round.


Re-Spin Feature

You need two Silver Surfer wilds to get this feature started, on the reels 2 and 4, while at the same time you DON’T have the Galactus symbol on the 3rd reel. You get the usual payouts of that round, after which you will see that the two wilds expand and they cover the reels they occupy (2 and 4). You keep getting re-spins, with the two wild reels in place, until Galactus appears on the 3rd reel.

Betting options and jackpots

You’re going to be able to place a bet of $0.05 to $5 per active line, and since up to 9 of them are available, the wagers go up to $45. That’s only the maximum bet, you can go a lot lower than that, especially if you reduce the coin value.

In exchange for whatever wager you make, you win 3,000 coins, if one of the active lines gets the combo with the right five symbols on it (the wild can help). Turning it into cash, means that you can win $15,000 from them.

The usual Marvel jackpots are displayed at all times, on the left side of the reels, each one of a different value, but all of them won the same way. They are given to one random player, at the end of a spin, with more chances being given to those that use bigger bets.

Design and symbols

The action in Silver Surfer takes place in space, just like in the comic book, and the symbols are the same way. The slot mostly deals with the connection between Silver Surfer and Galactus, not with the meeting he had on Earth with the Fantastic Four. Among the symbols, you will find various stars, planets and the two sides of the conflict, good vs bad.

Symbols: Silver Surfer (wild symbol), Logo (125x the bet, scatter), Galactus (3,000x), Thanos (1,000x), Silver Surfer’s Board (500x), Gold Glove (500x), Earth (250x), Green Planet (250x), Asteroid (150x), Energy Source (150x), Yellow Star (100x) and Blue Star (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

Yes, as long as you’re looking for a different kind of superhero, one where the action takes place against an evil alien god, you will love Silver Surfer. The game doesn’t feel as good as most of the others, feature wise at least, but the action taking place inside manages to be more fun than I expected.

The Silver Surfer Comics

The story of Silver Surfer begins on a planet called Zenn-La, where a race of aliens has built an almost utopian society. His name was Norrin Radd at the time, a young scholar that wanted adventure, as many young people do. Galactus, a god like creature that consumes planets, comes to his planet and threatens to consume it, but Norrin manages to persuade him that he will find him other planets. He is forced to act as a seeker of planets, and the modifications that Galactus did to him insured that he would have some of the powers that Galactus has himself. He becomes Silver Surfer this way, acting as a negative character at first, looking for planets that Galactus can consume, even if they’re inhabited. Once he reaches Earth, and he meets the Fantastic Four group of superheroes, he is inspired by them to turn against Galactus, and that’s how he becomes one of the good guys.

The first appearance of Silver Surfer was in one of the Fantastic Four comic books, in 1966, the 48th number. Its creators were Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He was part of not only comic books, but also video games, TV series and movies.

The Silver Surfer slot machine is offered through the Cryptologic platform, so if you want to play it for real or just to practice, look out for casinos that use it.