Thor Slots

ThorThor is one of the slot machines that Cryptologic has designed with official license from Marvel Comics, the original creators of this character. There are quite a few Marvel licensed slots already, and they are all great looking titles, which use original comics images in them, instead of relying on the actors that appeared in their movies. Thor is the god of thunder in Norse mythology, and his use of a huge hammer to smash things and throw bolts of lightning is well known by now. His popularity is in part due to the comic book, but it’s also influenced by the fact that a few movies were released in recent years, with him as the hero.

This Marvel licensed slot has 5 reels and 9 bet lines, which means that you get 9 chances each round to win the $20,000 jackpot offered by it. Along the way, as you keep spinning the reels, you will find that some of its symbols have wild powers or can act as scatter symbols, plus they can trigger for you free spins and multipliers. The Marvel jackpots are offered as well, as they are in every game of theirs, so on their own they don’t constitute a reason to play this game over another.

Features of Thor

You will find that Thor gives you a good chance at encountering some kind of feature that will make things more interesting, one of them being the free spins and its multipliers, another being a scatter or a wild symbol.

Thor himself appears in the image of the symbol that has the power of a wild, though I have to say, he’s not nearly as impressive in it as the actor was when he portrayed him in the movie. Wearing a silver helmet with wings alongside his ears, Thor gets to substitute for any other symbol, except the scattered Logo. If you manage to get him to appear on a payline and occupy multiple positions, your reward includes a cash prize that can even get to the top jackpot level.

The Logo gets to be the other symbol, the scatter. While it doesn’t influence the game directly, the scatter can award prizes differently than regular symbols. While all the other symbols need to occupy multiple positions on the same line to get a prize to you, the scatter only needs to occupy them in random positions a certain number of times. Simply having at least two Logos on the screen will be sufficient to get the feature started, with five of them being needed to get the biggest prize they have to offer (100x the bet).


Free Games Feature

As it happens in most games that have free spins to offer, the presence of at least three scattered Logos is needed to get them started. 10 free spins are won, with 3x multipliers applied to all payouts. You can retrigger free spins, with the same 3+ scatters if they appear again.

Betting options and jackpots

It’s not a terribly expensive game to play, and that would explain why it’s not the kind of slot to make you rich. You can get away with betting only $45 per spin, and that would be the maximum wager allowed. Each of the 9 coins would have a $5 value in that case, the starting point being only $0.05.

Thor himself will get involved when the top jackpot is awarded, and you will need it to appear in all positions of a payline to give you the 4,000 coins it has for you. It can mean $20,000 cash, a good prize, but not an impressive one.

The Marvel jackpots don’t do much better, with only the best one offering a comparable amount. The other two are even smaller. All three jackpots are awarded randomly, at the end of a spin.

Design and symbols

The beautiful Norway, seen from the Atlantic Ocean, with beautiful forests and tall mountains visible in the distance, serves as a backdrop for the action in Thor. The reels are filled with mythical figures from Norse stories, with gods, warriors and their weapons. The license from Marvel allowed them to use the images used in comic books as well, so this is going to be a familiar look for anyone that is a fan of the series.

Symbols: Logo (scatter, 100x the bet), Thor (wild symbol, 4,000x), Loki (1,000x), Ice Giant (500x), Thor’s Hammer (250x), Hand (250x), Norse Goddess (150x), Asgard fortress (150x), Longboat (125x), Tornado (125X), Necklace (100x) and Pendant (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

You will find Thor to be a fairly typical early comic book slot machine for Cryptologic. It doesn’t have a lot of paylines to offer, its payouts are average, but on the other hand it has plenty of features and graphics that can keep you happy for a long time.

Thor, The Marvel Comics

Thor is a Norse god and in this case a superhero from the Marvel Comics as well. He is considered the God of Thunder, he lives in Asgard, and he uses his mighty hammer, Mjolnir, to manipulate weather, fly and throw lightning bolts, among other things. The character first appeared in 1962, in a comic book called Journey into Mystery. Recent movies that appeared with Thor as the main character have made him even more popular, extending his fame beyond the United States or the comic book fan community. From movies, to video games, TV series, toys, clothing or trading cards, he is everywhere these days.

You will find Thor at any online casino which chooses to use software from Cryptologic, playable either for free or for real money.