Time Machine Slots

Time-MachineTime Machine describes its contents rather well with the title alone, being a game where time travel is possible, through a special time machine that is built by the main character. This slot is designed with the novel with the same title in mind, a famous book from H.G. Wells. Both the novel and the movie were appreciated by those that tried them, so having a slot machine as well that is based on it seems like a good fit. From the time of the dinosaurs, to that of the Egyptians or Medieval Europe, you’re getting a taste of the entire Earth history in this slot.

A modern slot machine that combines its 5 reels with a total of 25 bet lines, Time Machine was designed by the talented developers from Cryptologic. A $100,000 jackpot would be one good reason to try it out, but its features help as well, offering scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers and wilds.

Features of Time Machine

You’re not going to be surprised about any of the features that you will find in Time Machine, but the theme is the one that is the most attractive anyway, the features just doing enough to make sure that they’re not considered downsides.

Dr. What!, seen here as he’s traveling from one time period to another, gets the main role in this game, being the one that can give away the biggest prize available. It’s worth 10,000 coins if you have the entire line occupied by this symbol. At the same time, you will find that Dr. What is the wild of this slot. The paytable calls this symbol “Time Traveler”, and he can substitute for any other symbol, with the scattered wormhole being the exception.

The Wormhole symbol looks more like it’s the kind of object with round concentric circles that someone would use to try and hypnotize you, though with prizes of up to 100x the wager offered by it I shouldn’t be so picky. The prize requires the scatter symbol’s presence on five different positions, with fewer of them resulting in 20x or less, instead of the maximum of 100x.


Free Games Feature

Free spins are among the most popular features, used heavily by developers and enjoyed even more by the players that get them. Being able to win 15 free spins, like you do in Time Machine, is great already, but add to them a 2x multiplier that doubles all prizes, and you will have a lot of fun. A minimum of three scattered Wormholes constitute the requirement for the free games being triggered.

Betting options and jackpots

A $250 bet for a single spin might seem like a lot of money, but keep in mind the kind of prize you can get out of it, and you will find that it’s not a bad deal. The 25 coins which compose the wager each have a maximum value of $10, while the minimum is $0.01.

You might feel inclined to reduce the denomination, but you should remember that the jackpot’s 10,000 coins will not be as valuable if you do that. They can mean $100,000 ($10 coins), or they can be worth as little as $100 ($0.01 coins used)

Design and symbols

Considering the H. G. Wells source of inspiration, Time Machine is not a bad game. It’s a bit retro, but in a good way, with images looking the part, like they were taken from the 19th century or earlier (way earlier in the case of the dinosaur). The graphics also give you a pretty good idea of the eras that the machine travelled through, with both the time machine and the wall clock covered background telling you how he did it.

Symbols: Time Traveler (wild, 10,000x), Wormhole (scatter, 100x the wager of the round), Time Machine (5,000x), Dinosaur (1,000x), Knight (500x), Egyptian Pharaoh Statue (500x), Robot (250x), Victorian Era Couple (250x), Keys (150x), Pocket Watch (150x), Plans (100x) and Eye Glasses (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

It should be a must play game for a science fiction enthusiast, especially since it’s based on the works of a great writer like H. G. Wells. It manages to offer its own high prizes, plenty of features and graphics that give you the right kind of atmosphere.

This Time Machine slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.