Triple Olives Slots

Triple-OlivesTriple Olives takes a popular drink, the Martini cocktail, and it uses it as inspiration for the theme of a classic slot. That’s what Triple Olives is about, using the ingredients and tools that contribute to a Martini’s creation, and placing them all on the screen. Using vermouth, gin and a garnish that usually involves olives, the Martini is a favorite for many. Despite its fresh and unusual theme, the game is not a modern title, not just because it has few reels, but also because its design is simply not good enough to stand side by side with a recently released slot.

Three reels and three paylines, that’s what you get from Triple Olives. It’s feature free, so you can enjoy the game without interruptions, plus you can win a progressive jackpot inside, or as an alternative up to $1,000.

Features of Triple Olives

As I’ve said, this is the kind of classic slot machine that doesn’t give you features, of any kind. While some might bring along a wild symbol or some kind of bonus feature, Triple Olives keeps things as simple as possible.

Betting options and jackpots

You’re going to find it a slot that even if you max out every bet option, you still end up with only a $3 wager. Each of the three lines gets one coin, if you choose to activate them all, and that coin starts at $0.25 and can go up to $1.

The big target here would be the progressive jackpot, and in order to get it you have to use all the coins available to you. Three coin wagers can get you a prize worth thousands of dollars, while one or two coins will get you only 1,000 coins (up to $1,000).

Design and symbols

The design would be the game’s weakest point. There are plenty of other slot machines with few features out there, but some of them actually look good, and Triple Olives isn’t one of them. The setup is a classic one, with the paytable and displays at the top, while the reels and the betting options are at the bottom. The olive color is mostly visible in the paytable background, while the reels get an abstract blue image and a Martini cocktail.

Symbols: Olive (progressive jackpot), Cocktail Shaker (200 coins), Martini Glass (100 coins), Three Bar (30 coins), Two Bar (20 coins), One Bar (10 coins) and Bottle of Gin (8 coins).

Is It Worth Playing?

I wouldn’t say it’s worth playing, at least not if you compare it with some of the other classic slots. It’s cheap and the rewards are accordingly sized, but the design is the one that is ruining it for me.

Triple Olives can be found at any Cryptologic casino, where you get a chance to play it for real money or in free mode.