Vampire Bats Slots

Vampire-BatsVampire Bats is one of Cryptologic’s slot machines, the kind of game that you will usually rely on when Halloween comes around. I say this because it’s a scary game, themed around monster like vampire bats, with huge teeth and a thirst for blood that is visible even through the images of this game. The vampire stories that Dracula got started, in the Bram Stoker novel bearing his name, are more popular than ever these days, with TV shows, movies, games, comic books and all sorts of other merchandise taking advantage. It’s only normal to have slot machines as well, but luckily they created a scary game in Vampire Bats, instead of giving us some male model like vampire, the kind that so many fantasize about when they think of these creatures.

The 25 bet lines that you can bet on in Vampire Bats are placed on the usual 5 reels. You can get a $60,000 jackpot out of this slot, plus you will find inside a number of interesting symbols and bonus features, including free games, scatter symbols and wilds. Progressive jackpots are also placed inside, being good extra reasons to place a bet and click on that Spin button.

Features of Vampire Bats

With its free games, wild symbols and scatters, Vampire Bats is not going to be called a feature rich slot by anyone, but it offers at least an average amount of options for you to enjoy as you play.

Disappointingly enough, you can get the Vampire Bat and his wild role on reels 2, 3 and 4 only. Since it doesn’t get all five reels, you will not get any combinations formed by it alone, and no prizes of its own either. It still has two jobs in this game though, the first one being that of a trigger for the Re-Spin feature, the second being the usual wild powers that allow it to substitute for non-scatter symbols (meaning all the others).

The game’s logo will be the one that can appear on random positions on the five reels of Vampire Bats, and each time there are a minimum of two of them you will get a prize out of it. It starts at just two scatters, with a prize worth 2x the bet you made. Get more scatters, and the prize will be 100x for five of them, 20x for four or 5x for three.


Re-Spin Feature

The wild is the one that gets you the feature in this game, though in most titles the scatter symbol would be the one responsible. Capable of appearing on the middle three reels, the wild has to be present on two of them at the same time to trigger this feature, the 2nd and the 4th ones. Whenever that happens, the symbols found on them will turn to wilds, capable of substituting for any other icon in the game, the scatter still excluded.

Betting options and jackpots

Depending on the kind of player you are, the bets you can approach in this game can vary considerably. At the highest level, the wager means a $500 investment each spin you trigger, with $20 coins activating each of the 25 paylines. The game is accessible to pretty much anyone though, as the coins don’t need to be that high, their lowest setting being at $0.10. The option to use fewer coins is also there, but I wouldn’t recommend it, you would reduce your chance to get a prize since fewer lines would be active.

In exchange for the bet you’re making, the game can reward you with up to 3,000 coins, and depending on your investment it can mean $60,000 or less. The Frightmare jackpots are progressive prizes that are randomly awarded in any paid game, no matter how much you’ve wagered. However, a larger bet gives you a better chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Design and symbols

With a dark atmosphere that is worthy of a vampire theme, Vampire Bats is filled with scary looking monsters, and you will definitely not find this to be a cute game to play. It’s going to be a horror like experience, so fans of the scary genre will get a kick out of it. The vampire bats that appear here are actually going to be a nightmare if you meet them at night, with huge teeth that make them look like carnivores, while the rest of the images have dark backgrounds and whenever appropriate there is some blood dripping from them as well.

Symbols: Vampire Bat (wild), Bats Logo (scatter, 100x the bet), Vampire (3,000x), Brunette Lady (1,000x), Vampire Hunter (500x), Headstone (500x), Wooden Stake and Hammer (250x), Cross (250x), Candles (150x), Mirror (150x), Holy Water (100x) and Garlic (100x).


Is It Worth Playing?

The game is quite a bit of fun, and it actually tries to look like a scary vampire game. It might be worth taking on if you’re sick of the way Hollywood portrays vampires these days. Here, you get the real monsters, plus the chance to win a decent prize, but feature wise you will be disappointed.

This Vampire Bats slot is offered by all online casinos with Cryptologic software, playable either in practice or in real money mode.